I’m the Subject of a Wikipedia Edit War

There’s an edit war going on at my Wikipedia page, which seems to have escalated from someone simply trying to update my basic biographical information and photo (and having that maliciously rolled back), to accusations of war crimes and cannibalism that are being treated with more seriousness and discussion than my basic biographical information.

Fucking lol.

For the record, I was born on the 5th of December 1975, in Winchester in the United Kingdom.

I am also a videographer and podcaster, as well as an author and game designer.

You should probably mention my work with Tabletopless, and the use of my work in the Airplay documentary.

You should probably treat the accusations of ‘misogny’ etc with the same gravitas and seriousness you treat the accusations of war crimes and baby eating.

2 responses to “I’m the Subject of a Wikipedia Edit War

  1. The edit history of the page is crazy.
    A twitter bot and some anonymous coward, obviously deep into some serious paint huffing, decide to slag you off.
    And they REALLY REALLY are going to save the world from your evil horror though malicious wikipedia edits.
    Thanks for the “how crazy is the internet today?” report from the front lines. On your character sheet, mark down 1 more level of “Dramatic Magnet” under Super Powers.

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