#TTRPG – The Red Room being added to Post-Mort.com

Given the removal of The Red Room from Drivethru, every little helps, so I am in the process of adding their products to my personal sales site Post-Mort.com

The best place to support them is still to get it from Big Geek Emporium, but whichever way you choose to support them in these difficult times is appreciated.

I helped The Red Room get their start, which I’m proud of. I like helping new people get into publishing and helping them get to market, so given our history this move only makes sense – even though it’s more paperwork for me.

You can find their products HERE

One response to “#TTRPG – The Red Room being added to Post-Mort.com

  1. Reblogged this on The Red Room and commented:
    I’m going back home, so to speak. Two years ago, Orpheum Lofts was released by Grim Jim’s Postmortem Studios and we had already talked about selling the Red Room’s games at his store. After being banned from Drivethru, it was settled.

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