#RPG – A Month of Monsters – Princess Nektirini

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This piece depicts a woman with draconic features.

The Kingdom of Sieni was at war with the Dragons of Terka-Zamok ever since its founding, the kingdom founded from the hoard of an ancient dragon, slain by the first King.

After many years of conflict, many burned villages and many slain dragons, the great green Dragon Koldunkoro – at bay in the 13th Dragon Kingdom, feigned surrender and, using powerful magic, took the form of a woman and seduced Queen Persika’s consort. Once this half-human offspring hatched, Koldunkoro took human form again and brought the baby princess back to the Kingdom of Sieni, causing a rapid scramble to cover up what was thought to be a sex scandal and to adopt the child and bring them into the fold.

Now the princess has come of age, her draconic traits are starting to come out. Her treacherous draconic personality with it, along with jealousy and greed. Queen Persika has had her imprisoned in a tower of her castle, but she still plots and schemes to get herself extricated and to take over the kingdom, just as Koldunkoro planned, all those years ago.

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