#RPG – A Month of Monsters – The Flesh Flayer

44029754_10216584781710108_8397149903972728832_nYou can buy this piece of stock art, for as little as $1 this month as part of a promotion. We have a promotion running all month, 31 pieces of monstrous stock art, one a day until all are at on sale culminating on the 31st for Halloween.

This piece depicts a squid-faced monstrosity.

The flesh flayers have devoted themselves to the study and perfection of the body, rather than the mind. They train themselves in martial skills, hone their bodies, experiment with flesh golems and other monstrosities and strip the flesh from their enemies to add it to their own. Some flesh slayers have constructed huge bodies for themselves from the musculature they have rent from their slaves and victims. This requires constant upkeep however, and few slave plantations can provide enough raw material for them to maintain such powerful bodies for long.

Flesh flayers are as enchanted with the pleasures of flesh and blood as their distant cousins are with matters of the mind. Sybaritic creatures of excess, luxury and pleasure-seeking their bad intentions can be bought off with unique physical experiences or pleasures – but there is precious little they haven’t indulged in. Their moods are easy to read, thanks to the bioluminescent chromatophores that cover their body, and strobe in agitation – or arousal.

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