Mass Effect Part Six: Asari

The Asari are a strange and advanced race, often considered the most powerful and respected in the civilised galaxy. They were the first to rediscover FTL after the fall of the Protheans and the first to discover and to inhabit The Citadel.

The Asari are marked by being single-gendered and reproducing via parthenogenesis. Despite this they have a mammilian, feminine appearance and something of a reputation as desirable mates and life-partners to other sentient species – due to their peculiar form of ‘mating’.

Asari live for a millenia and are inherently biotic. This is part of their ability to reproduce, influenced by any sapient species. Their patience and natural empathy makes them natural diplomats and they were instrumental in proposing, founding and implementing the Citadel Council.

Asari are blue to purple in skin complexion normally, though some can be teal and environmental factors can lead others to develop all manner of hues. Some have facial markings, which are unique from individual to individual and can be found in many different patterns.

Asari have no hair, head or body, on their heads – instead – they have semi-flexible crests which can move – a little – to supplement their expression and body language. Their cross-species attraction is in part due to sharing traits with so many other sapient species but may also be due to their biotic abilities or neurochemical pheromones.

Asari don’t reproduce sexually per se, rather they find a mate – of any gender or species – and bring their neurological systems into synch with them. The Asari provides both sets of genes to their offspring but alters one half according to the desirable traits they recieve/perceive from their chosen mate.

Non-Asari mates are preferred to increase Asari diversity, ‘pure blood’ is considered to be an insult as Asari/Asari matings are thought undesirable.

Asari pass through three life stages.

  • Maiden: Analagous to an extended puberty, driven by a desire to explore and gather experience.
  • Matron: Around age 350 a desire to settle and raise children.
  • Matriarch: Around age 700, marked by a desire to teach and guide.

Asari Statistics
After purchasing statistics alter Asari stats according to the following:
AGI +1, APP +1, BLD -1, FIT -1, INF +1
All Asari have the potential to develop biotic talent, but not all choose to do so.

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