Mass Effect Part Two: Shields & Geth


Shields ‘ablate’ when hit by damage and regenerate by one (or more) every turn that they are not hit by anything. Shield value (however much remains) is taken off damage before it is applied to the wound values.

EG: An experimental Geth Hopper 2.0 has been fitted with a shield, this shield has a rating of 20. The Geth is shot with a sidearm for a total of 30 damage. The shield takes 20 and is knocked offline. The remaining 10 damage is applied to the Geth’s wound levels of 28/40/65. The Geth is undamaged. Without the shield it would have taken a light wound.


The Geth are a race of artificial beings, originally created by the Quarians to be servitors. They became sentient and in the panic to shut them down a war was sparked. A war that the Quarians lost, turning them into interstellar nomads and ceding their worlds to their inheritors. The nature of the Geth and their revolution serves as justification for the ruthless repression of AI across civilised space and the use – instead – of VI, virtual intelligences, advanced expert systems that are not truly intelligent.

The Geth are configured along the same physical lines as their creators. Bipedal – albeit with reverse-knee configuration – with two walking limbs and two grasping limbs. They see via sensors, implanted under their heads, that glow and have been said to resemble ‘flashlights’.

Geth bodies are contained within a hard outer shell and are made from a springy, synthetic muscle tissue. This tissue can be grafted to and integrated with organic tissue allowing for bionic replacement and enhancement limbs for those who lose them in battle. Geth are also filled with a complicated white ‘goo’ that acts as a conductive gel and a coolant that can also – in a limited capacity – ‘heal’ their wounds.

Geth operate on a colletive neural network that makes them more intelligent and more capable the more of them are collected together and reducing their intelligence and capability the less of them are available on the local network. An individual Geth is little more than an animal, but in groups they can reason, analyse and think.

  • An individual Geth reduces its CRE, INF, KNO, PER, PSY and WIL by -2.
  • 1-5 Geth reduces by -1
  • 6-50 Geth suffer no penalty.
  • 51+ Geth gain +1

Geth Characters

Geth characters are individuals, similar to the Legion platform, and contain around ten times as much processing and ten times the programs of standard Geth, making them capable of independent action and thought. They do not get to choose their starting statistics, but may spend skill points as normal.

Their starting statistics are

  • AGI +2, APP +0, BLD +1, CRE +0, FIT +2, INF -2, KNO +1, PER +1, PSY -2, WIL +0
  • Their chassis has an inherent armour of 25

Geth Hoppers

Geth Hoppers are ‘new generation’ Geth, designed by themselves with the addition of Reaper technology. They have microscopic hooks on their hands and feet that let them climb almost any surface and they carry specialist systems for hacking and stealth. Their sensor eye is also a beam weapon and they are capable of leaping huge distances.

  • AGI +3, APP +0, BLD +0, CRE -1, FIT +1, INF -2, KNO +1, PER +1, PSY -2, WIL +0
  • STR +0, HEA +0
  • STA/Armour 13/25/50 (28/40/65)
  • Shield 0
  • UD 6/AD 3
  • Head Laser Accuracy +1, Damage x25, Range 50/100/200/400 ROF 1
  • System Shock 5

Acrobatics 4, Athletics 3, Combat Sense 2, Communications 1, Computer 2, Dodge 3, Electronic Warfare 3, Electronics 1, Hand to Hand 3, Mechanics 1, Notice 2, Security 2, Small Arms 2, Stealth 4