#RPGaDay2021 – Weapon

Bloodrage Blade

Weapon (any weapon that deals slashing damage), very rare (requires attunement).

The steel of the blade looks like mercury, liquid, as if frozen in the moment before it hardens. The light reflections and the dark shadows shimmer with a red reflective quality and the ring of the blade is more like a hum, or a growl. In the hands of a raging berseker the blade melts into a boiling mass of blood, its coppery tang in the air, its touch like fire, its blade cutting deep, feeding on the rage of the wielder.

Each turn, as a bonus action, a wielder with access to rage can spend a use of their rage to activate the blade, one turn, one rage activation, one bonus, up to a maximum of 6 bonuses.

Rage’s SpentBonus to Hit/DamageDamage Steps

Damage steps increase the type of die rolled.

EG A d4 becomes a d6, and so on.

d4 becomes d6
d6 becomes d8
d8 becomes d10
d10 becomes d12
d12 becomes 2d8

EG: A Blood Blade Greatsword does 2d6 damage, at 6 rages that becomes 4d12

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