#RPGaDay2021 – Stream

I run an online, streamed D&D game (and cyberpunk on occasion) for a gaggle of porn people.

This usually illicits one of several reactions:


Piqued interest.




My train of thought when there are suddenly boobs.

There’s not a lot to say about it really. It has some unique challenges and some unique rewards. It’s nice to be able to paid to run games, certainly, and there are also plenty of minge fringe benefits. It’s creatively challenging, to run an ongoing game with an adult theme, and there is tension between the performance and the game – not to mention the interruptions for more serious ‘porn time’.

That said, I have zero regrets and, honestly, I’m just treating it like virtually any other game I run. Taking it seriously, trying to show the real nature of RPGs without too much polish, unlike something like critical role. Tangents, improvised rules, mistakes, warts and all.

We have fun, we have a great game world we’ve created, and if blood rushes away from my brain for some reason and stops me being able to run an effective game, well, we can chalk that up to ‘genital derpies’.

Still, whether you’re there for the bewbs or there for the game, I think we make something worthwhile, and I’m proud as heck to be a part of it.