Reclaiming the Succubus

The succubus is a much misused and abused monster. At best, most of the time, they’re just placeholder sexy demons a million miles from the seductresses and manipulators of men that they could be or should be. The same goes in reverse for the Incubus.

These are creatures that can know and fulfil your innermost, most secret, shameful desires and use them to twist you up and make you do the devil’s bidding. These creatures should be more like cenobites than busty playboy models.

They should be the embodiment of transgressive desires, of the kinds of things people might be ashamed of, the kind of things they might have trouble getting.

There’s a useful list of paraphilias HERE on wikipedia, but let’s take a closer look at a handful of them, Needless to say, this is going to be a bit adult.

Acrotomophilia – A fetish for people with severed limbs is pretty extreme and even in a fantasy world may be a hard thing for someone to indulge in. An acrotmophilia succubus would have one or more missing limbs, scars and cuts. They might have artificial limbs made of black hell-iron to allow them to still move and fight or may have more specialised limbs.


Breast fetishism – It might seem a little obvious but some people are seriously, seriously into boobs in a big way. A succubus would not need to conform to physical normality or biology and could have as many boobs as any man, or woman, wanted, as big as they wanted. Big, wobbly funbags doesn’t even begin to describe it.


Fat fetishism – Some people are just chubby chasers. In a medieval fantasy world people are much less likely to be obese and fat due to diet and work. Fatness can be a symbol of wealth and thus a potent sexual signal in some cultures, quite apart from becoming a paraphelia.


Imagine a succubus sent to prey upon an otherwise good man with a paedophile turn of mind. He’s never succumbed to his desires and then this creature is sent to him in the form of a child to wear down his resolve. One need only look at the paedo hysteria that goes on in real life to see how such a creature could destroy all trust and fellowship in an isolated, medieval town.

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