ImagiNation hits its target!

ImagiNation has hit its primary goal and raised 2000 dollars. That’s enough to guarantee the art and give me enough breathing space to get it written without having to worry about money.

I now need to think about some extra goals and bonuses that I can offer people if/as the money keeps piling up.

I’m looking for suggestions from you, if you could leave them as comments here that would be very helpful.

For the moment the extra goals are:

  1. If we hit 2,200 the book will be professionally edited, rather than the haphazard methods I’m forced to rely on at the moment.
  2. If we hit 3000 I’ll go for colour art in the interior as much as possible and make a full colour PDF and the option of a full colour PoD book.
  3. If we hit 10,000 I will record a video of me singing “They’re coming to take me away, ha-haaaa!’ and upload it onto Youtube.