Beelzeboob for 5e D&D

maxresdefault (1)Inspiration’s thin on the ground these days, but when Liana Kerzner went on a D&D parody tear on Twitter about her demonic alter-ego Beelzeboob, I got a wild hair up my arse to write up ‘Literally the devil’ for 5e.


#RPG Kagai! – Guro, Gore, Girls – RELEASED

Get it HERE in PDF form.

Kagai! is set after a supernatural apocalypse has swept the world. The players are part of the surviving members of humanity who are trying to fight back but, while all the men and boys are sent off the war the young women are left hiding in the Shimizu Arcology with the politicians, the war-wounded and others with an excuse not to fight.

They’re not content not to fight though, and may young women form vigilante gangs to hunt  the monsters in their midst.

Kagai! uses an innovative dicepool system that encourages real group tactics and cooperation to take down powerful enemies and encourages descriptive gore and intra-party drama.

Inspired by Japanese schlock-horror such as Tokyo Gore Police and Lust of the Dead, Kagai! should provide a great deal of fun for those who enjoy gross-out stupidity and high octane violence.

Reclaiming the Succubus

The succubus is a much misused and abused monster. At best, most of the time, they’re just placeholder sexy demons a million miles from the seductresses and manipulators of men that they could be or should be. The same goes in reverse for the Incubus.

These are creatures that can know and fulfil your innermost, most secret, shameful desires and use them to twist you up and make you do the devil’s bidding. These creatures should be more like cenobites than busty playboy models.

They should be the embodiment of transgressive desires, of the kinds of things people might be ashamed of, the kind of things they might have trouble getting.

There’s a useful list of paraphilias HERE on wikipedia, but let’s take a closer look at a handful of them, Needless to say, this is going to be a bit adult.

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