#RPG – A Critique of ‘Privilege, Power, & Dungeons & Dragons: How Systems Shape Racial & Gender Identities in TTRPGS

#RPG – Grim’s Gaming Guide – What is Roleplaying?

This is the question all gamers dread, because it’s really hard to express to people what happens. What better place to start a series on roleplaying than with attempting to answer that question?

Where to find me

25024554_146590269453529_6640429029172183040_nI’ve had a bit of a spring clean and a re-brand of all my sites. So it seems like a good time to show you where you can find me, contact me, talk to me, bother me with questions and so on.

This is just my social media/website presence, but from this site – at least – you should be able to find everywhere that you can buy something of mine – should you be so inclined.


  • My main ‘hub’ website is this one, where you can find most of my links, stores and so on as well as the most regular updates.ch as
  • Community support is necessary to make things viable for creators such as myself these days and as such, please consider donating a buck a month to my Patreon.
  • My writing/stories website can be found here. Here I talk about stories, writing and issues around it such as censorship.
  • I have a Youtube channel where I provide game reviews and discussion, social and political commentary, humour, stories, ‘choose your own adventure’ poll games and more.
  • On Facebook I can be found at Postmortem Studios, JGDGames and JDWriter as well as, as myself.
  • G+ is still surprisingly active in a lot of ways, you can still find me there.
  • There’s a Machinations of the Space Princess group over on G+ as well.
  • Of the New Media alternatives, I find Minds.com to be the better one, you can find me there.
  • I also run a roleplaying oriented group on Minds which you’re welcome to join.
  • If you want to send me questions and queries, I have an Ask.fm.
  • If you like random pictures of cats, countryside and me, then Instagram is here.
  • My Twitter remains active and can be found here.

#Art #RPG Darkzel Scholarship Livestream

morbo_by_shnekI’ll be doing a livestream to try and drum up some more donations for the Darkzel Scholarship this Saturday. Would love to have some games people and artists on to help raise money, talk about games and artwork, and lay down some game advice and chat.

Contact me ahead of time if you’d like to be on and keep an eye on my Youtube channel and social media (Twitter and Facebook) for the time etc, though I’ll be aiming for 8pm UK time on Saturday to start.

Bring some money to help pay for the scholarship, or if you’d like to apply it’s a good chance to ask some questions.

It’s my Birthday, so do something nice for me :)

The other nice thing you can do, of course, is to donate to the Darkzel Scholarship fund.

#RPG – Pen & Paper & Laser Guns is rad, & you Should Watch it

Pen and Paper & Laser Guns is how I always imagined presenting an RPG-oriented TV show, cutting back and forth between the game and the action and it works well. It’s at least as good as a Syfy show (though I appreciate that’s not a ringing endorsement).

As a bonus, this could easily be a Machinations of the Space Princess game brought to life 🙂

Call of Cthentacle being Played

I gave out some free copies of Cthentacle at the Gamergate Birmingham and some of the guys played and recorded a session after I left.


#RPG a Day 2015


I never have the patience to wait on these things, so…

Forthcoming Game you’re Most Looking Forward to

DUST Adventures. I love DUST, the combination of dieselpunk, weirdness and pinup aesthetic is glorious. Though given some recent stuff I’m hoping it hasn’t been watered down.

Kickstarted Game most Pleased you Backed

See above, though I’m obviously still waiting to see the final product.

Favourite New Game of the Last 12 Months

Zombicide, which I only picked up within the last 12 months and would like to play more of.

Most Surprising Game

Apocalypse World. Given all the fanboying I expected it to be a work of genius, or at least good. It wasn’t. More positively there’s been plenty of things in the less political ends of the indie scene that are surprising.

Most Recent RPG Purchase

Stuff I never used to bother with, terrain tiles. We started using them in our Iron Kingdoms campaign.

Most Recent RPG Played

Star Wars D6.

Favourite Free RPG


Favourite Appearance of RPGs in Media

The D&D scene in E.T. The whole whining younger brother wanting to play is perfect. That establishment of the film sold it to me more than the rest, it grounded it. These days I guess they’d be playing Smash Bros or something.

Favourite Media You Wish Were an RPG

Echo Bazaar and associated games/media.

Favourite RPG Publisher

I tend to go on product rather than on company. Everyone’s output – even my own – is just too variable to hitch your wagon to any particular company.

Favourite RPG Writer

It’s still a problem that writers aren’t that well acknowledged in games and those few that are (Monte Cook etc) aren’t ones I particularly like (because I’m a contrarian). It’s hard to make work that is primarily a ‘technical manual’ shine.

Favourite RPG Illustration

I wouldn’t single out any particular person or artist because there’s so many out there that are brilliant and lots of people deserve the attention.

Favourite RPG Podcast

I don’t really listen to them. I tend to listen to Youtube while I’m working and a lot of gamers who do videos don’t present themselves in an engaging manner or talk about things that interest me. Thinking about expanding the stuff on gaming I talk about on my Youtube as a result (ideas welcome).

Favourite RPG Accessory


Longest Campaign Played

Probably the SLA Industries campaign which ran five years. This Star Wars game I’ve joined has been going on over a decade, but I’ve only played one session, so that doesn’t count.

Longest Game Session Played

Probably 18 hours. This didn’t used to be unusual.

Favourite Fantasy RPG

I’m not so big into fantasy but if I had to choose it would be urban/horror or industrial fantasy so Warhammer FRP (1st Edition), Lamentations of the Flame Princess or Iron Kingdoms.

Favourite SF RPG

I’ll take some flak for this, but Traveller the New Era.

Favourite Supers RPG

Aberrant, stripped of its setting.

Favourite Horror RPG

Blood! – which is why I took it on.

Favourite RPG Setting

I like the weird, imaginative ones. Mechanical Dream is very inspiring as a setting. I just wish the system was more accessible and the English was better. I keep thinking about converting it to FATE or something. RIFTs has a similar problem.

Perfect Gaming Environment

Depends on the game. I want gaming environments that compliment the game – ideally. Otherwise a comfortable place with flat surfaces, room for lots of people and all the home comforts.

Perfect Game for You

Novelty is an ingredient in perfection, meaning the perfect game for me cannot exist – but trying to make or find it is still a worthy goal.

Favourite House Rule

Lifting the Blue Planet initiative rules for every game.

Favourite Revolutionary Game Mechanic

Adjective descriptors for characters from Mind’s Eye Theatre and the maximum portability of rock-paper-scissors.

Favourite Inspiration for your Games

Music, dreams art and anger.

Favourite Idea for Merging Two Games into One

D&D and Cyberpunk.

Favourite Game You No Longer Play

Mage: The Ascension, 2nd Edition.

Favourite RPG Website/Blog

I tend to follow links to interesting articles, rather than following particular blogs.

Favourite RPG Playing Celebrity

Vin Diesel.

Favourite Non-RPG thing to come out of Role-Playing

Computer games. You’re welcome.