Mass Effect Part Eight: Volus

Volus are an associate race in Citadel space. They have their own embassy but despite constant pressure and many actions on behalf of The Council haven’t yet managed to grasp a seat. They come from a high pressure, high gravity, high temperature greenhouse world, high in ammonia, the very chemistry upon which the Volus physiology is based. Most environments used by other sentient races are poisonous and dangerous to the Volus and so, like the Quarians, they must hide themselves away in pressure suits when off their own worlds.

The Volus are not physically adept being small and stocky in stature and somewhat clumsy compared to other races, necessary adaptations for their home planet. As a result they seek power in other ways, typically trade in which they have a fiersome reputation.

The Volus have bound together Citadel space with their economics and banking. They are ruthless traders – stereotypically – and use their accumulated wealth and prestige to hire on assistance from more physically and militarily capable races such as the Turians – who handle most Volus military endeavours.

Wealth measures success in Volus culture and trade is important at the individual and at the clan status. The Volus themselves tend to pacifism and cowardice, but this is really pure self-preservation. They do not carry their clan names with them and all Volus have individual paired names that uniquely describe them.

The Volus are run by the Vol Protectorate, their government which is itself a client state of the Turian Hierarchy. In exchange for Turian military protection the Volus pay a tax to the Hierarchy as well as supporting them in foreign policy and providing a small number of auxillery troops.

Volus Worlds
Irune – homeworld, Alahya – a moon of Dranen undergoing terraforming, Boro, Daleon, Maskawa, Talis Fia, Zada Ban

Volus Statistics
After generating character statistics, modify them as follows:
AGI -2, BLD -1, CRE +1.