#Starfinder – Starfinder Month: Buohteesian Galoboar, and Snark Turbiner


Art by Aaron McBride

Buohteesian Galoboar & Snark Turbiner

The galoboar is an enormous beast, much prized as prey for hunters on safari. The galoboar is a tough foe, covered in thick rubbery skin and bristly hairs which absorb impacts and burn off, absorbing energy fire. The galoboar’s tusks are valued for inlays and carving, its flesh for meat and its – prodigious – stink glands in the production of perfume. Only sanctioned hunting is currently permitted in order to maintain the galoboar’s numbers.

Buohteesian Galoboar CR 10
XP 9600
N Huge Animal
Init +0, Senses: Low-light vision, Perception +19

Defence: Hit Points 200
EAC 20 KAC 28
Fort +14, Ref +10, Will +13
Defensive Abilities: Stinking Aura (ex): (10 ft, DC 17 Fortitude) causes those afflicted to be sickened, Ferocity (ex): At zero hit points the creature can fight on for one more round.

Speed 40 ft
Melee Tusks +22 (2d12+18 P)
Wild Thrashing +19 (four attacks) (1d8+18)

Strength +8, Dexterity +0, Constitution +5, Intelligence -4, Wisdom +3, Charisma +0
Skills: Intimidation +24, Survival +19

Environment: Plains and grasslands.
Organisation: Solitary, Mated pair, Mother and 2d4 young.

The Snark Turbiner is a great vehicle for people on a budget. Designed as a simple to use transport and gunnery platform for hunters and safari tourists, it’s a relatively tough, no-nonsense machine that can put up with a good deal of abuse. It is, however, rather noisy and its heavy duty cargo arms cause a great deal of drag.

Snark Turbiner

Tier 1 Huge Vehicle
EAC 9, KAC 9, TL 8
Speed: 40 ft, full 400 ft, 75 mph, Manoeuvrability: Average, +0 Piloting, Turn 2
HP: 200, Hardness 10
Expansion Bays: Passenger Bay
Crew: Minimum Crew 1: Maximum Crew: 2, Passengers: Up to 16
Micron Superlight Powerplant, T8 Thrusters, Basic Computer, Budget short-range sensors, Manipulator arms (1d4 B damage).

#Starfinder – Starfinder Month: Desert Ranger CaraHov


The Desert Ranger is a slow, but hardy, cargo hauler that is found on many desert planets and which is over-powered for its size – however slow it might be. The Ranger hovers a short distance above the surface using a combination of air pushed by turbines and anti-gravity. The Ranger’s excess power (20 PCU) leads to many after-market modifications to boost the engine speed or arm them for piracy. The Dust Pirates of Kier supercharge their engines to T10 and fit front and rear flak cannons in their attacks.

For most the Ranger is a mobile home. Humble and basic though the accommodation might be it is a vital survival tool in some of the most inhospitable climates. The CaraHov’s engine can burn just about any organic material and as a by-product can produce potable water and edible (if unpleasant) ration-bricks. While unpleasant, they do have value, and are often used as a stand-in currency at black markets on back-woods worlds.

Level: 1
Price: 2,000
Huge Land and Water Vehicle (Hover) 10 ft wide, 10 ft tall, 20 ft long.
Speed: 30 ft, Full 550 ft, 65 mph (Hover).
Average Manoeuvrability, +1 Piloting, Turn 2
Base AC: EAC: 7, KAC: 9, TL: 8, Cover: Total Cover
HP: 200, Hardness: 10
Attack (Collision): 5D4 B (DC 8)
Systems: Basic quarters, cargo hold (25 tons), Survival Engine (water and food).

New System: Survival Engine – vehicles only – the vehicle runs on hydrocarbons and organic matter, belching smoke but also producing small quantities of potable water and food. Power Core BP +5% (round up). The engine produces enough water and food for 5 meals per day.

NB: In reconsidering the vehicles, I believe the hardness should be reduced by 5 at each level and have amended the old article etc accordingly.

#Starfinder – Starfinder Month – The Kukavalier Exo-Frame


The Balkanin Princedoms are a dense collection of asteroids, planetoids and space stations orbiting a binary pair of blue giant stars. The system is subject to immense tidal forces from its twin stars as well as harsh radiation. This has lead to the Balkinin people being extremely hardy and adaptable folk, known for their stubbornness and bravery. It has also lead to many specialised design decisions, such as the heavy use of humanoid mecha for their adaptability and modularity. The most common of these is the Kukavalier Exo-Frame, designed specifically for low-gravity vacuum-based combat within the system’s high-radiation environment.

The Kukavalier is known for punching above its weight and – so far as standard issue mecha go, is virtually unmatched in this, specific environment.

Kukavalier Exo-Frame
Large Mecha (Space 10ft, Reach 10ft, 16 ft tall).
Speed: 20 ft (full 200 ft, 22 mph)
EAC: 12, KAC: 14, TL: 19, Cover: Full
HP: 50, Hardness: 5
Computer: Mk 3 Duonode +3/+3 two nodes
Security: Anti-Hacking Systems
Sensors: Advanced, Long Range Sensors: +4
Attack: Collision 5d4 B (Personnel scale), DC 12
Attack: Manipulator Arms: 1d4 (Starship scale) damage.
Attack: Hi-Ex Rocket Launcher: Speed 12, Damage 4d8 (Starship scale), Limited Fire: 5
Attack: Tactical X-Gen Gun: Damage 1d12 P, Range 120 ft, 80 rounds of Ammo, Usage 2, Automatic (Typical load-out includes penetrator rounds that ignore 6 Hardness)

New Vehicle/Ship Scale Weapon (Manipulator Arm)
Damage 1d4 – Can pick up and use light starship weapons or heavy personnel weapons, PCU 5, BP 2

NB – You could scale these up to make grappler arms for ships, as in Outlaw Star.

Art by Inka Shu