#RPG – Urban Faerie – ‘Gives You Wings’ RELEASED


A drug-busting adventure for Urban Faerie as your criminally irresponsible fae are given a pardon from prison in order to break up the sale of a new enchanted drug which, GASP, allows non-winged fairies to fly.


A perfect low-stress, low prep game and adventure for when you’re hopped up on tryptophan and mulled wine. Easily played when drunk or otherwise semi-incapacitated.

Treat yourself this year!

(also contains some errata and optional rules)

Urban Faerie: Pocket Edition RELEASED!

Tidied up, tinkered with, added to (a little) and wrapped up in a somewhat shinier package. This is the Urban Faerie Pocket Edition. If you liked Invaderz, odds are you’ll like this…

Faeries living like rats in the walls cause havoc for the filthy humans. A beer-and-crisps game you can pick up and play in short order, even while drunk.

Download HERE

Hardcopy HERE

Urban Faerie: Tourette’s Gremlins

The domain of your Faerie gang is under threat! Not so much directly but by a sudden invasion of Tourette’s Gremlins who are infecting the local humans.

If the Tourette’s Gremlins continue to spread and infect the humans they’re going to get wise that something strange is going on and may work out that faeries exist!

This cannot be allowed to happen.

In order to prevent it happening the local faerie lord (or some other boss) turns to your gang of selfish misfits for assistance. You are to track down the evil Tourette’s Gremlins and tear them from their homes, driving them out of the area or killing them as necessary.

Tourette’s Gremlins are like normal Gremlins, but smaller, denser and tougher. They are disgusting little creatures that infest a person’s body, replacing their tongue and making them swear, shout nonsense and twitch, all to the Gremlin’s great satisfaction and the production of their magic.

In this way they are much like the ‘tongue eating louse’, which, disgustingly, infests fish and replaces their tongue. To defeat them the faeries will have to find which people are genuinely infested and which are just foul mouthed and gaffe prone. Hopefully before they tear out too many human tongues…

Urban Faerie: Cthulings

Art by the awesome Dave Allsop


For Urban Faerie

Cthuling’s aren’t faeries but are a related creature, dependent upon man’s consciousness and concocted out of the leftovers of ancient, bloody, unsympathetic gods, fears of the alien and of Frankenstein science that is beyond the ken of normal folk.

Given such a terrifying pedigree you would expect the Cthulings to be powerful, nasty, demigods that could devastate both the real world and faerieland but, while they are nasty little bastards that can cause no end of havoc in both realms they’re actually more of a nuisance than a truly horrifying danger – though they have ambitions.

The gradual erosion of the horror that elder gods once held – either in religion or in fiction – into cartoonish shorthand for a cynical ‘the horror, the horror’ with a knowing, postmodern wink, has simultaneously lead to their longevity and power – such as it is – and their diminishing into a joke. Something that really, really grips their shit.

Cthuling’s have a Napoleon complex to end all Napoleon complexes and so many chips on their shoulder you’d think someone had built a Wimpy there. They desperately want to be terrifying and frightening and come up with complex and nefarious schemes to try and restore human and faerie horror. Needless to say this risks drawing attention and harm upon the faerie world, directly or indirectly and this places the Seedy and Unseedy Faerie courts in direct opposition to these cute, cuddly wittle elder gods.

Muscle: 2
Skill: 3
Wits: 5
Magick: 4
Luck: 1
Good At: ‘Intricate plots and schemes’ OR ‘Being incredibly cute’.
Earning Charms: Cthuling’s earn charms by destroying ‘cutesy’ mythos artifacts or genuinely scaring people.
Spending Charms: The Stars are Right – By spending a charm the Cthuling is considered to have a statistic of 6 for a single roll.

Urban Faerie: A Strange Piece of Ass

Source ‘elvenporn.com’ – No, seriously.

The courts of the fae have split into the Seedy and Unseedy factions. The Seedy faction follows Oberon in trying to adapt to and understand and integrate with filthy human society while the Unseedy faction tries to hide and eke out a living alongside the humans but out of their sight, keeping many of the old ways and the places.

Oberon and the Seedy faction has been very successful in integrating with humans and Oberon’s favoured make a decent living in the mortal world by modelling for naughty fantasy art and appearing in fantasy films as extras. There’s a line, however fuzzy, between integration and exposure and Oberon tries to keep an eye on this despite the distractions of his lovers. What’s even more important to him is that those who follow his example find their work and their magic through him, so he can take his cut.

The internet is a great tool for faeries and filthy humans alike, but Oberon worries that it’s undermining him and threatens to expose them too soon, too quick. Mostly, however, he’s worried that he’s not getting his cut.

The Royal Mission With Which you are Charged
Oberon issues a summons to the faeries to meet him at his court. His current court is established in a large house in the San Fernando valley area of Los Angeles with a big private garden and an enormous, phallically shaped swimming pool. It’s a party every day with all the excesses of the Playboy Mansion with none of the ‘taste’. Oberon has all the aesthetic sense of a colourblind magpie on magic mushrooms and revels in the kitsch. The pool is full of naiads and other water sprites and satyrs and other sexy faeries frolic shamelessly throughout the gardens.

Oberon’s throne room is a big room with mirrored floors and ceiling. He reclines upon a gaudy red and gold throne surrounded by his sycophants and the walls are decorated with Vallejo-imitation fantasy art that makes the friezes in Saddam’s palaces look like fucking Michelangelo.

Oberon will explain the situation, which is roughly as follows:

  • Faeries are going into the saucy art business for themselves outside his wise oversight.
  • This is bad.
  • This is bad because he’s not getting his tithe.
  • This is also bad because without his wise guidance they risk exposure.
  • He is particularly worried because some of them have been making contacts and earning money through 4chan and similar sites, fulfilling the peculiar fetishes of the people that frequent them.
  • Given the nature of the net and of the pseudo-hackers that inhabit many of these places on the net, Oberon is worried – perhaps rightly – that someone’s going to get exposed even more than they intended and that someone will realise it’s not just a normal human in a rubber suit.

In order to fix this problem Oberon promises to shower them with gold (no, not in that way you filthy bastard) and to owe them a really big favour if they will only:

  • Find out who has been exposing themselves and teach them the error of their ways.
  • Destroy as much of the data as possible.
  • Track down their human contacts and put the fear of the fae into them.

Busting the Ring
The faeries involved aren’t exactly being careful and should be easy enough to find. Make up two or three of them and give them different situations, just to keep things interesting. Perhaps a Satyr lurking on chatroulette from his apartment, a sex-shop sprite and a genuine internet troll squatting in a motel with wifi access.

They’ll all protest that Oberon is being unfair to them, they may try to run, they may try to convince or persuade the other faeries of their way and I suppose that might work, but they’ll bow down to enough pressure in the end. Of course, that doesn’t solve the other problem either way that things shake down. The human part of the equation still needs to be dealt with.

Recovering the Data
Whichever way you look at it the risk of being properly unmasked by humans, particularly filthy perverts with precious hacking skills, is an issue. Either they need to have their data deleted and their computers destroyed long enough for the problem to disappear, or they need to be intimidated, killed or otherwise dealt with in whatever twisted way your gang of little faerie bastards wants to.

Playing to fat and lonely hacker/anime nerd stereotypes is good for a giggle here, but throwing in something a little different like a sexy cosplayer just to confound expectations would also be good.

Mission Accomplished
Oberon’ll be happy enough provided the humans are dealt with and doesn’t much care how. If he doesn’t find out – again – about faeries playing on the side that’s not as big a concern, even though he hates it and will feel betrayed.

New Item: Bag O’ Gremlins
This battered and frayed laptop bag writhes and twists when you’re not looking and makes distracting noises that make you think you’re getting a tweet, facebook update or a text message. With the expenditure of a charm and a loud shout of ‘FOR THE LULZ!’ it unzips and unleashes a raging horde of tiny gremlins who make a b-line for any power sockets or data ports and infiltrate all the computers and mechanical devices within a building. If unleashed on the internet they can take down a whole site and all its subdomains for 24 hours. Which is a great way of channelling people into checking the status blog for the site or causing a big fuss.

Urban Faerie

Urban Faerie
There are certain kinds of people, ale-drinking people, people who did a little too much acid in the sixties, people who wear large, warm jumpers and take long brisk walks in the country. These people maintain that faeries not only exist but that they are very common. They also tend to believe that faeries are, were and always will be a countryside phenomenon much like casual cruelty to animals, sexual intercourse with sheep and having an impenetrable and parochial accent.

This is, of course, rather wide of the mark.

Faeries have always had a strong relationship with man, darning his socks, cobbling his shoes, cleaning his houses, drowning him, marrying him and swapping his children for malformed hydrocephalics as a bit of a jape and otherwise aiding or demeaning the efforts of man. Faeries do not need our belief to exist; they need us and the things we leave around.

Like an urban fox or that aerial rat known as the pigeon, if they survive they will have adapted to city life and found their niches not in tending to flowers and trees but in crashing computers, letting down the tyres on peoples cars and eating the leftover pizza.

What then, would their world be like as they transitioned, with man, to an urban environment? How would the traditional faeries of yesteryear alter, shift, change and cope to deal with this new world? What powers would they have and what would they get up to?

So, armed with my imagination, a few research books and a hefty draught of the Postmortem Studios Patented Farie Sight Potion I set out to discover imagine and set down what sort of world might exist for faeries today. The fruits of that labour are now yours to play with.

Reviews & Comments
‘Given that the player characters are human-hating faeries with wacky powers, natural invisibility and a code of ethics that, even when followed, is minimalist, it’s almost impossible for a group of players with a twisted sense of humour not to have a riotous time with this game.’

‘Urban Faerie is “Changeling” with balls, what a Charles de Lint on speed or a drunk Neil Gaiman could have written. The writing is hilarious (the short stories put you in the mood instantly), the various types of fairies range from the classical to the very, very wrong.’

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