Machinations of the Space Princess Tarot: Hardcopy!


You can now buy the Machinations of the Space Princess tarot in hardcopy. You can get it HERE.

The cards are pretty damn good, come in a nice blue tuck box and with a little booklet telling you what things mean and so forth. You’re meant to use them to make up spacey card games, to inspire adventures and to provide a much needed poke to your inspiration glands when you need to come up with an NPC, a situation or some local colour on the spot.

Shipping is HIDEOUS for people outside the US, so I’d suggest clubbing together to get a few sets shipped wherever you are and then send them on. I would also encourage you to ask Gamecrafter to find a better international shipping solution.

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This is the PDF version of the MotSP tarot deck. A hardcopy version is hoped to be made available via The Game Crafter within the next couple of weeks.

The MotSP Tarot is intended as an in game prop, inspiration for a Games Master and if you really want to you could try using it as an actual tarot deck.

Want some ‘playing cards’ for your game?

Want the ancient seeress to do a reading for the characters?

Need to know something about a random NPC that the characters have taken a sudden interest in for no explicable reason?

Draw and lay some cards and there you go.

Buy it HERE.

Machinations of the Space Princess: Tarot Preview



The Empress represent rule, legitimacy, tradition, motherhood and strength of character.

Her presence indicates tradition, prosperity, continuity and security while her inversion indicates poverty, conflict and directionless disorder. Inverted, though, her presence indicates novelty and a chance for things to change.

In games, drawing The Empress for inspiration might prompt you to bring in a leadership figure, an older woman or imperial (or similar) forces.