#Starfinder – Starfinder Month: Bosonic Combat Gloves


Bosonic Combat Gloves are hefty, weaponised gloves which – when activated – energise with a ‘contagious’ field, that can massively increase or decrease the effect of gravity upon the person or object struck with the armoured fists.

Bosonic Combat Gloves: Level 8, Price: 10000, Damage 2D6 B, Critical: Knock the target back 10 ft, or automatically pin them for one turn, Special: Powered: Capacity 20, Usage 1.

#Starfinder – Starfinder Month: Crocvine Biological Area Denial System

toraji-waterfix2Art by Toraji

Crocvine, dubbed ‘F*ckthorn’ by soldiers who have encountered it, is a budget-conscious security system for those who have facilities in swamps, jungles and other biologically diverse and dense areas. Crocvine rapidly grows and sends tendrils over a wide area, attacking and killing anything that enters its zone and using its biomass to increase in size. Crocvine uses patented ‘planimal’ technology, developed by Doctor Allmark, and which is also present in other biological weapons developed by the same lab.

Crocvine CR 4
XP 1200
Large Plantlike Animal
Init +1, Senses: Tremorsense, Perception +15

Defence HP 55
EAC 14, KAC 18
Fort +8, Ref +8, Will +3
Defensive Abilities: Plantlike, Amorphous (ex)

Speed 5 ft
Melee spiked vine +11 (1d6+10 P and grab)
Space 10 ft, Reach 10 ft
Offensive Abilities: Grab (ex)

Str +6, Con +3, Dex +1, Int -5, Wis +1, Charisma +0
Skills: Stealth +10, Survival +10

Environment: Forest, swamp, jungle
Organisation: Solitary

Special Abilities
Grab (Ex): Hits that beat the target’s KAC+4 automatically grapple, if they beat KAC +13 then the target is automatically pinned. Crocvine can grab and grapple any number of enemies.
Amorphous (Ex): Crocvine doesn’t take double damage from critical hits, but does suffer critical hit effects as normal.
Plantlike: The crocvine is considered a plant, or animal, depending which is the worst for it. It gains a +2 save bonus against mind controlling and similar effects, due to its plantlike nature.

Armour Upgrade: Slicksuit Coating
The armour is fitted with a small field generator which, instead of providing a forcefield in the conventional sense, surrounds the wearer with a friction reducing field that increases in effect the more the suit is ‘squeezed’. The practical upshot of which is that your KAC is considered four points higher against grab and grapple attacks. The field itself is invisible, but does emit a very faint hum.

Level 3, Price 1500, Slots 2, Armour Type: Any, Bulk: L

Sharp Solutions Lachete
The Sharp Solutions Lachete is engineered especially for cleaving through dense, alien vegetation. The blade is encased in a low-level power field and is flooded with photonic radiation upon its strikes, tuned to resonate with chlorophyll and similar chemicals in other plants (it can be tuned to suit the local equivalent). As a result, the lachete is extremely disruptive to plants and hacks through them with ease. In practical terms, this means that the blade does double damage against plant and plant-like enemies and if the weapon is in hand while traversing difficult terrain (in the form of vines, bushes or other plant matter) you add 5 ft to your movement through that terrain after halving it. EG: Jensen has a move of 30 ft, in difficult terrain he can only – normally – move 15ft. Armed with a lachete he can move 25 ft.

Lachete: Level 3, Price 600, Damage 1d6 S&E (choose most effective), Bulk L, Special Powered (Capacity 80, usage 1).

#Starfinder – Starfinder Month: Triblet-EP Star Tug


Art by Des Zhu

The Triblet-EP (Expansion Pod) is a real workhorse of a starship with a high-speed FTL engine, an over-powered core and a highly adaptable cargo system that allows it to reconfigure its rear end to catch, hold and even dock with just about any form of cargo pod or bay one could devise.

Triblets are too expensive to maintain and run for regular cargo routes and, instead, specialise in trailblazing new trading opportunities on the frontier. They race ahead of other ships, make contact with other species and return with new and precious cargo to turn a profit before moving on as those trade routes become established.

Despite its non-FTL slowness and its light armament, many explorers and bounty hunters retrofit these ships with smaller FTL engines, heavier armament and different external bays to suit their preference. Short of an outright modular ship its adaptability makes it perfect for dealing with unknown situations.

Triblet-EP Star Tug – Tier 4
Small Trader
Speed: 6; Manoeuvrability: Good (turn 1)
AC 19 TL 10
HP 50; DT _; CT 7
Attack (Forward): Two light laser cannon 2d4
Power Core: Pulse Prismatic PCU 250, Drift Engine: Signal Ultra (Rating 5)
Systems: Basic computer, common crew quarters, mk 8 armour, 75 ton cargo capacity, budget sort range sensors, external bay attachment (typically more cargo).
Crew: Minimum crew 1, maximum crew 6, typical crew consists of a captain, engineer, pilot and science officer with the excess crew space being used for other purposes.

#Starfinder – Starfinder Month: CoCo Operative Loadout


Art by Wonbin Lee

CoCo – The Corporate Cooperative – is a democratic corporate power with independent sovereignty over a number of corporate stations and facilities. They consider themselves an interstellar state, but many disagree. What is unusual about them is that all their employees are also considered citizens and, upon joining CoCo are given a number of shares in the company. Everyone shares in both its successes and its failures and members are permanently wired in to the company ‘chatter’. While CoCo maintains no standing military, it is alleged to have many ‘Q-Ships’ and its corporate operatives are found in many places, engaging in industrial – and conventional – espionage. Their gear is highly sought after and civilian versions are sold by CoCo to cash in on this popularity.

CoCo Body Suit

A jet black, microweave body suit with built in energy-dissipation and storage panels, the CoCo body suit is a good compromise for modern protection.

  • CoCo Body Suit I: Level 2, Price 500, EAC +3, KAC +1, Maximum Dex Bonus +3, Armour Check Penalty -1, Upgrade Slots 0, Bulk 1, Special: Ignore the first point of energy damage you take from each attack.
  • CoCo Body Suit II: Level 6, Price 4000, EAC +8, KAC +6, Maximum Dex Bonus +5, Armour Check Penalty -1, Upgrade Slots 1, Bulk 1, Special: Ignore the first three points of energy damage you take from each attack.
  • CoCo Body Suit III: Level 8, Price 10000, EAC +11, KAC +9, Maximum Dex Bonus +5, Armour Check Penalty -1, Upgrade Slots 2, Bulk 1.
  • CoCo Body Suit IV: Level 11, Price 25000, EAC +15, KAC +13, Maximum Dex Bonus +5, Armour Check Penalty -1, Upgrade Slots 3, Bulk 1

CoCo Carry System

Level 1, Cost 250

This intricate set of webbing uses various technological tricks as well as good design and a computerised weight-balancing system to help you secure your gear in the best possible way. This – which can be combined with a backpack – allows you to carry an additional 1 bulk of equipment, as though your strength were one higher. When built into armour (1 upgrade slot) it can carry 2 bulk of equipment and counts as a quick release sheath for any weapons attached to it.

CoCo Shadow Pistol

A simple projectile pistol which uses compressed gas to fire its projectiles, relatively quietly, and with an adaptable barrel which can fire any small-arm calibre round, or even ball-bearings or similar junk.

Level 6, Cost 6000, Damage 2d4 P, Range 50 ft, Capacity 12 rounds, Usage 1 (has a built-in compressor), Bulk L, Special: Analog.

CoCo Family/Stranger Networking

A pair of head implants, closely resembling small, folded ears, these allow you to connect wirelessly with CoCo data systems and to wirelessly hook up with other CoCo members within 100 ft. Indeed you must have this implant to join them. The antennae are constantly updated with CoCo information, fully encrypted, and as a safeguard are capable of delivering a lethal charge to traitors, straight to the cranium.

System: Brain, Level 5, Price 3000, Special: Wireless connectivity (you can also connect, wirelessly, to non-CoCo systems at a distance of up to 25 ft, Unit Cohesion: See below.

Unit Cohesion: If multiple people are connected via these implants they can share telemetary and communicate silently over a secured signal. This provides a +2 bonus to Perception and Initiative for everyone who is connected.

CoCo also produces a version of this cybernetic for the general public outside of their company. It can do all the same things but without access to CoCo secure lines, and it costs twice as much.

#Starfinder – Starfinder Month: Brachi8 Cybernetic Arms


Art by Mauro Belifore

Why have replacement arms when you can have better arms?

The Brachi8 Cybernetic Arms from Gorillian Heavy Industries will make you a powerful force to be reckoned with! Beat your chest! Beat their speed! Beat them to a pulp! Brachi8!

Brachi8 Cyberarms
System: Both arms and hands.
Model: Dual, Level 6, Price: 10,000

This dual prosthesis replaces both your arms, both your hands and reinforces your shoulders, giving you long, heavy, powerful arms that closely resemble those of a gorilla.

  • If you hunker down and knuckle-run, you can move an additional 5 ft, but may not use any weapons other than your fists that turn.
  • If you are in an area filled with branches, cables, vines or other, similar kinds of terrain, you can swing through this area at full speed without being slowed down.
  • This gigantic pair of arms increases your Strength permanently by +2.
  • The fists of these arms are considered natural weapons that do 1d6 B damage and on a critical hit can knockdown or stagger the enemy – your choice.

#Starfinder – Starfinder Month: Cordiceph


Art by Maxim Verahin

The cordiceph is a conversion template that can be attached to any, infected, living creature.


Cordiceph-infected creatures lose their creature type and replace it with the Plant type. As such they gain low-light vision and plant immunities as well as a +2 bonus to Fortitude saving throws, this is in addition to any conventional abilities they might have. The cordiceph counts as both its original type, and a plant, whichever is most detrimental to it.

Cordiceph lose any skills they might otherwise have had, save Perception, and instead default to their basic Ability bonuses should they attempt any skill with the vestiges of their former intellect.

Cordiceph gain a natural attack based on their CR from the Alien Archive and the Combatant array. EG: A cordiceph infested goblin would do 1d6+Strength bonus bashing damage. Cordiceph may use basic melee weapons, but nothing more complex. This table is also used to determine the Fortitude save DC to avoid infection.

Cordiceph Infection

  • Type: Disease (inhaled or injury) Save: Fortitude, DC depending on source.
  • Track: Mental; Frequency 1/day.
  • Effect: At the stage of death the cordiceph erupts fruiting bodies from the victim and begins to move again. It will seek to attack anyone who is not infected and to travel as far as possible from its point of origin. Upon death the fruiting bodies burst violently, spreading their spores in a fifty foot radius and threatening to infect anyone in that area who is breathing the open air or who has open wounds.
  • Cure: Two consecutive saves.

#Starfinder – Starfinder Month: The Tsuku


Art by Boris Moskalenko

Tsuku: +2 Str +2 Con -2 Dex 6 HP

Densely fleshed with powerful lungs and hyper-oxygenated blood, the tsuku are a strong, powerful, stubborn people who have only newly taken to the stars. Their home world of Djaringa is over eighty per cent ocean, with the smattering of land broken up into shattered archipelagos which are frequently washed over by tsunamis from the planet’s many earthquakes. Denied a view of the stars by thick cloud and the ocean in which they spent most of their time, they concentrated on their own world, marshalling their resources and accomplishing many great technical feats suited to their environment. Discovered by scout ships they have now joined galactic society, which they readily view as part of their greater family. Fiercely loyal to their ‘pods’ they have now adapted their aquatic technology and lifestyle to new roles amongst the stars.

Size and Type

Tsuku are medium humanoids with the tsuku and aquatic (amphibious) subtype.


Tsuku have the Swim movement type (see the main book) and can move their full speed in water. They are mammalian and need to surface to breathe (without technology) but can hold their breath so long that – with forewarning – they do not need to breathe for any normal duration of time that would come up in a game.

Low Light Vision

Tsuku can see in dim light as if it were normal light.

Thick Skin

Tsuku gain a +2 racial bonus to Fortitude saving throws against environmental effects.

Pod Loyalty

The tsuku are fiercely and ferociously loyal to their friends – and expect the same in return. Their presence is great for morale and they draw a great deal of strength from their own bonds of friendship. Designate up to five other people (or sapients) as part of your ‘pod’. Once per day while aiding them or being aided by them you can roll twice and keep the highest result.

Playing a Tsuku

You likely…

  • Care very much about your friends and want to get to know them very well.
  • Are filled with a huge amount of curiosity about the universe around you, that may get you into trouble.
  • Abhor wastes of resources of any kind and are constantly switching off lights, recycling rubbish and making do with leftovers.
  • Sing to yourself and feel crushingly lonely when left completely alone.

Other Races Probably…

  • Never met one of you before.
  • Find your social forwardness incredibly awkward.
  • Find your voice deep and hard to understand.
  • Love the smooth feel of your skin and want to touch it.

Physical Description

The tsuku are a solid looking people, broad-shouldered, broad-hipped, barrel-chested and covered in a thick, even layer of tough, smooth, bluish skin and fat. Strong, powerful and more than a little clumsy, few tsuku ever reach the heights of six feet and such a tsuku is rare and noteworthy. Family, pod, tribe, clan and other affiliations are marked with patterns in permanent dye upon a tsuku’s skin so that each can read another like a book. Their voices are also deep and booming and instantly recognisable as a particular individual to any other tsuku. Some tsuku voices are so deep and booming that they can cause physical discomfort to other beings, resonating with their cavities and organs.

Tsuku are mammalian, but it is hard to tell the difference between the males and females if you are not up on tsuku physiology. Females tend to be around six inches shorter – on average – with a lighter skin tone and larger nipples – something that is often visible as most tsuku only wear clothes for practical reasons – like work. Some throwback male tsuku – and only male tsuku – grow tusks, a vestige of their ancestry (take this as a Feat at character creation if you want it, the tusks are considered to be natural weapons like those of the vesk).

Tsuku are new to interstellar society but are determined to make a name for themselves and are rapidly adjusting their existing technology to new roles, which can lead to some… interesting compromises.

Home World

Djaringa is off the beaten path and a difficult place to visit for most other humanoids. The frequent quakes, storms and tsunamis mean that the tsuku cities are all free-floating and most are also beneath the surface. Their first major surface city – and starport – has recently been completed, but its day to day location on the planet is anyone’s guess. The tsuku are gregarious and interested in outsiders and so have been encouraging traders and visitors but some tsuku nativists are beginning to regret it, many generations of isolation and a culture of respect and care for the environment bumps up harshly against interstellar tourism and capitalism.

Society and Alignment

Tsuku place an enormous amount of importance on their place in society. You are an individual, but you are defined by your family, your pod, your tribe, your clan, your city and your people over and above that. Tsuku are selfless, generous and, all in all, a ‘happy-go-lucky’ people without any effort. Amongst their species this is not a problem, as other than a few psychotic aberrations everyone is on the same page. It has, however, made them a people ripe for exploitation by others as they encounter less generous, less honourable people. Most tsuku are lawful good, but the law in their own society exists for the common good and is consented to by all, they rankle against authoritarian and unjust laws and regimes.

Tsuku are open and frank about sexual interest, something else that makes many other species and societies cringe. In their home society pods marry each other, with the groups intermingling freely and raising the young communally.

A pod is a friendship group of five to ten tsuku (typically) who grew up together and who know each other well. Pods typically go into the same business and the pod is also a natural military or police unit whose familiarity with each other makes them more effective and trustworthy. Pods lose members and amalgamate over time as well as shedding members who choose a life of adventure. You never, truly, however lose your first pod.


The tsuku can get on with just about anyone, but some grumpy souls find their positivity, happiness and friendliness puzzling and even offensive. Robotic lifeforms, in particular, find them hard to understand and get along with. The tsuku are inclined to give anyone and everyone a chance and are, if anything, far too forgiving.


The tsuku have only been part of larger, galactic civilisation for a score or so years – since first contact. Many of them have stars in their eyes and have taken to space to see everything for the first time and to bring back stories and trinkets for their pods.


Tsuku names are often too deep or too high to be heard by other intelligent beings, and so they tend to translate them into something more easily said by other species. These names approximate their own names in that deeper or higher register and tend to include clicking sounds and long vowels. Some sample names include: Aroon, Cakak, Eeyou, Gunt, Iaia, Klikik, Moona, Ooeo, Quequa, Seeooia, Uwu, Woomaa, Yarooikik.


Tsuku ‘Oon’ Aquavacc Suit

The Oon is a repurposed deep-dive suit, used by tsuku who explore the deepest regions of their ocean planet in search of fresh resources. The suit was easily adapted to become a vacuum suit and its resemblance to antiquated diving gear of other species has been a source of some amusement.

  • Oon I: Level 2, Price 800, EAC +1, KAC +4, Max Dex Bonus +3, Slots 0, Bulk 2, Special: Rebreather (can breathe indefinitely underwater and up to two hours in other environments).
  • Oon II: Level 6, Price 5000, EAC +4, KAC +10, Max Dex Bonus +4, Slots 1, Bulk 2, Special: Rebreather
  • Oon III: Level 10, Price 17000, EAC +8, KAC +17, Max Dex Bonus +5, Slots 3, Bulk 2, Special: Rebreather
  • Oon IV: Level 14, Price 61000, EAC +12, KAC +23, Max Dex Bonus +5, Slots 4, Bulk 2, Special: Rebreather
  • Oon V: Level 18, Price 400000, EAC +16, KAC +25, Max Dex Bonus +8, Slots 5, Bulk 2, Special: Rebreather

Special Option

Hydro jets that bolt onto legs, shoulders or other parts of armour, these greatly increase the utility of aquatic armour.

  • Rikitikit Swimpak: Level 5, Price 3000, Slots 1, Armour Type (any), Bulk 1, Special: Gain water movement or, if you already have it, gain +10 ft speed while in water.

Small Arm

The Unk Welder-Gun is typical of tsuku technology having two or more roles. While this is a sidearm, it is also a quick, useful welding tool as well as being deadly in close-quarters combat.

  • Unk Welder-Gun: Level 2, Price 500, Damage 1d6 F, Range 10 ft, Critical Burn 1d6 F, Capacity 10 charges, Usage 1, Bulk L, Special: Line.

#Starfinder – Starfinder Month: The Relentless


Art by Fanny Poulain

The Relentless are an unstoppable force. They single out targets that have caused enormous disruption to the status quo – for good or ill – and attempt to kill them. The problem is that the moment one of The Relentless is killed, another takes its place and begins to track its target. So it goes until they, mysteriously, decide to cease their pursuit or until their target goes so deep into hiding that they cannot be found, even by these dogged pursuers.

The Relentless CR 6
XP 2400
LN Medium Undead Humanoid Soldier
Initiative +9: Senses: Darkvision 60 ft, low-light vision, Perception: +2

Defence HP 90
EAC 19, KAC 19
Fort +8, Ref +6, Will +7
Defensive Abilities: Unliving, constructed, regeneration 5 (chaos), truespeech, synthetic.
Immunities: Undead Immunities

Speed 40f t
Melee: Armblade, three attacks +16 (1d10+11 S, 1d6 Bleed on critical).
Ranged: Throwing knife +13 (2d4+9 P)

Str +3 Dex +5 Con – Int +2 Wis +2 Cha +0
Skills: Survival +18, Stealth +11, Intimidate +11, All languages.

Special Abilities
Surprise Attack +3d8 damage when striking from flank or surprise.
Blitz: Rapid Response, Charge AttackMelee Striker

#Starfinder – Starfinder Month: The DAG


Art by Artem Shumnik

The Igneous and Fundament Incorporated, Disaster Ameliorating Gear (or DAG) is a disaster relief robot often dropped onto sites of earthquakes or other natural disasters. DAGs seek out vulnerable people in these zones (often children) and protect them. They are preprogrammed with survival skills, hunt out supplies, dig people out of rubble and fiercely protect those they have ‘imprinted’ on against looters or other sources of violence. Privately bought DAGs, or salvaged ones, are sometimes used as cheap – fun – bodyguards for the children of at-risk families or those who live in environments where pets are impossible. Despite the DAGs blocky appearance and strange gait, people often humanise and empathise with them, especially if they grew up with one.

IF also build a ‘peacekeeper’ version which can be armed with an Azimuth laser rifle on a swivel turret.

IF Incorporated Disaster Ameliorating Gear (DAG) CR 1
XP 400
N Small construct (technological)
Init +0, Senses: low-light vision, Perception +5

Defence HP 17
EAC 14 KAC 15
Fort +1, Ref -2, Will +0
Immunities: Construct immunities
Heat Shield: Reduce fire/heat based damage by 5.
Weaknesses: Vulnerable to critical hits, vulnerable to electricity.

Speed: 30 ft (walk)
Melee: Slam +8 (1d6+5 B)

Str +4, Dex +0, Con -, Int +1, Wis +1, Cha +1
Skills: Acrobatics +2, Athletics +7, Computers +5, Survival +6
Languages: Common
Other Abilities: Unliving

Organisation: Solitary or pack (2d4)

Special Abilities
Orbital Deployment:
DAGs can be dropped from orbit and steer themselves away from harm, landing with a ‘thump’ and then deploying to provide aid.
Lugger: The DAG is considered to be Strength 14 and for its full strength to count regarding how much it can carry.
Survival Engine: DAGs consume organic matter and water to run their engines – anything will do from garden waste to sewage. As a byproduct they produce enough food and water for 1 meal, per day. Not enough to solve the issue – and the food bars are terrible – but enough to help.

#Starfinder – Starfinder Month: Hammfist Armour


Art by Young Il Choi

The Hammfist occupies a peculiar position, halfway between heavy armour and powered armour. Designed for boarding actions, close quarter combat and to assist with loading and unloading combat gear in advance deployments it is really neither one thing nor another and excels at neither role. Its usage profile is very narrow, but a handful of troopers – especially marines – swear by it and its efficacy. The Hammfist is being mothballed by those militaries that once used it and many suits are now turning up in the black market and military surplus arenas.

Hammfist Armour: Level 3, Price 3000, EAC Bonus +3, KAC Bonus +10, Maximum Dex Bonus +1, Armour Check Penalty -3, Speed Adjustment -10, Upgrade Slots 1, Bulk 4.

Built in Weapon: Cyberfist 1d8 B damage. The fist is powered with a battery use of 1 every two hours. It also provides the wearer a +2 bonus to strength with one arm while wearing the armour and melee weapons can be wielded in that hand, with an additional +1 damage – this also applies to the base fist.