#RPG – #TTRPG – #My30dayWorld – What Iconic Monsters Live in Your World?

c4cOne of the strengths of Machinations of the Space Princess was its wide open capability to create any kind of character – and also monster – that you wanted to. While there will be many of the usual fantasy staples, goblins, orcs and so forth, I want to give them my own spin. At the same time, the history that I have sketched out gives the opportunity for all manner of magical crossbreeds, mutations and strangeness…

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#RPG – #My30dayWorld – #TTRPG – Who Opposes Evil and Injustice in Your World

jack_halfaprayerRather than ‘opposing evil and injustice’ I more want to explore the idea of youth, rebellion and change against calcification, order, age and tradition. This can be both good and bad. The typical adventuring party I would see as being young (in spirit at least), transgressive agents out for their own fulfilment but as a consequence of that self-indulgent quest, also tearing down the villains. You could frame this as morality versus ethics, or chaos versus order – if you wanted to get all academic about it.

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#RPG – #My30dayWorld – What is the Cosmology of your World? Other Planes?


I don’t want to make things as complex, and frankly silly, as happens in other games, with a multitude of different realities all impinging on one another. I also want to leave certain things in question in a way that they are not in other games. Are the gods real? Is there a heaven or a hell? Is there an afterlife of any real kind? Is there good or evil in any real, meaningful sense or is it all subjective and according to your own perceptions? At the same time I want there to be a ‘metaphysical’ basis to certain ideas and concepts, a reality – if a questionable one – to spirituality and an explanation of things like ‘level’ (why some characters are so much more powerful than others)…

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#RPG – #My30DayWorld – How Common are Adventurers and Heroes in Your World?


It is, I think, a good idea to separate the role of ‘adventurer’ and ‘hero’. Adventurers all too often turn out to be little more than sell-swords and the ‘wandering murderhobo’ is an aesthetic I definitely want to tap into. They might turn out to be heroes through certain actions, but your usual adventurer is driven by the pursuit of loot and powerful items. Heroes tend to be more driven by what is right or moral (lawful describes a devotion to ethics, good describes a devotion to morals) rather than the pursuit of treasure…

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#RPG – SSS&S – Who is the Most Nefarious Villain in Your World?

1202549687_war441There’s no real villain in the Machinations of the Space Princess world, other than the chaos that has emerged after the fall of the Urlanth Empire – and only that if you go with the implicit setting. I want there to be a real, villainous force in the fantasy setting that I’m creating for this. The enemy here is going to reflect the kinds of things that I regard as dangerous in the real world – though I want everything to have shades of grey as well…

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#RPG – SSS&S – What is the name of your world? Why is it called this?

590f2ed87a10363f0b3d66fe477a244d.pngI want to evoke the ancient, the old and the bloodier, more raw, pre-Christian mythology that I want within the setting of the game. In other fantasy games I have written I have played around with languages, mixing and matching from different roots and etymologies to find interesting sounding and plausible names and terms. In Cloak of Steel, for example, I use the name ‘Tierplana’ to describe the flat, rectangular world upon which that game is set. For the terminology of other things in that world I translated the term across languages with different roots and mixed and matched to create interesting words…