SLA Film? Series? Comic? Video Game?

So the boys at Nightfall made a pretty big announcement:

Romark Entertainment has acquired the film and television rights to the critically acclaimed Role-Playing Game, “SLA Industries,” from publisher Nightfall Games.  As part of the acquisition, Romark and “SLA” creators Dave Allsop and Jared Earle are also announcing a partnership that will see the two sides come together under one banner to focus exclusively on the expansion of the 20-year running series into the comic book, video game and art worlds.

This is actually a huge thing. Not that many games or game worlds end up optioned like this. D&D, Heavy Gear, Shadowrun…. that’s about it really. Lately video games become TTRPGs more than the other way around.

SLA is a wonderful game and world, a great ‘place’ to write about and for. Having been involved working on the Hunter Sheets, Cannibal Sector One and other aspects of the game in the past I’m very excited to see what occurs out of this.

Personally I’d love to see a procedurally generated, mission-oriented tactical CRPG come out of it. What do I know though eh?

Guys, if you need a writer, let me know!


Well look here! New SLA stuff and it even seems to be something that I wrote back in the day! Nightfall Games are back and are going to be starting to pump out the SLA material again. You get Dave’s grotesque art, the writerly stylings of myself – and others – and you get to play SLA again with new, shiny stuff. How cool is that?

You can buy it HERE

New SLA forum is active!

I love SLA and I’ve been involved to various degrees in it, including writing CS1. I’ll be involved in this new outing as well so much as I can spare the time.

There’s a new forum open run by some of the old Nightfall crew and some new people and they’re releasing some of the stuff that was cut from Cannibal Sector One as well as previews, in-character stuff and so on.

Go, get involved.


SLA Industries: SLAP Rounds

Something from our old campaign, useful for knocking over Thresher Suits so you can smack them with melee weapons 🙂

S.L.A.P. rounds replace the standard bullet with an advanced polymer gel. When the gel globe strikes the target it instantly expands into a flat pancake, transferring its energy over a wide surface onto the target, throwing them off their feet and enabling the operative to catch up with and subdue the target.

Soft Load Anti-Personnel rounds cost 1.5x the normal cost for a standard load and use similar technology as in the shiver BB guns. A target struck by a S.L.A.P. round must make a Physique roll against a difficulty equal to the gun’s normal Damage + Armour damage in order to remain standing. The S.L.A.P. rounds otherwise are considered to only do one damage with a penetration of -4 and no armour damage. If struck by a multiple fire burst from a single attacker, each additional round striking adds +1 to the difficulty, additional damage that would normally be applied, from whatever source, is also considered to add to the difficulty.

Pistol Examples:
CAF – Difficulty 3
8mm Long – Difficulty 6
10mm Auto – Difficulty 7
12mm – Difficulty 8
12.7mm – Difficulty 11
10 gauge slug – 11

Rifle Examples:
CAF – Difficulty 4
8mm Long – Difficulty 9
10mm Auto – Difficulty 10
12mm – Difficulty 11
12.7mm – Difficulty 16
17mm – Difficulty 36
10 gauge slug – Difficulty 14