Open Art Call: Colony Moon – Commercial Edition

Before joining Chronicle City I was a third-party publisher with them, using the excellent* 3PP support system there to get my material into more stores, outlets and distributors. One of these projects was to take Colony Moon into distribution. We’re now at a point where we can press on with that but I’d like to ‘spruce up’ the current edition of Colony Moon to make it more appealing.

To that end I am placing an open art call for some pieces of B&W art to illustrate the commercial edition.

Colony Moon is a hard-science, social science-fiction game and the style must reflect that.
Requirements: B&W line or shaded style suitable for B&W print.

A hard-science, realistic,  ‘NASA illustration’ style is preferred but I will consider more artistic representations.


  • 2-4 small (1/8th A4) header/footer illustrations.
  • 9 (1/4 A4) scene illustrations.
  • Payment: Around $250 – negotiable to a degree.
  • You retain right of re-use and resale of any and all art produced for this project.
  • Payment immediately on completion of work, via Paypal.
  • Fast turnaround essential.

grim AT postmort DOT demon DOT co DOT uk

Please include a link to your portfolio – preferably to appropriate pieces – or include three pieces of appropriate art with the email (keep attachments below 5 meg please).

*I am of course, biased.

Camelot Cosmos: The Scroll of Kings RELEASED

A history of the Cosmos told through the lives of its monarchs.

The great and good, the foul and fair. Each monarch described, their reign spelled out.

Here you’ll hear of the events of their reign and the legacy they have left.

Buy it HERE 


Camelot Cosmos is a bit of a strange duck as a game, admittedly. It’s FATE, but it’s set up and designed more along the lines of a traditional RPG. It’s a science fiction game that plays as a fantasy game and a post-apocalypse that’s rather rural and medieval rather than everyone jetting around in dune buggies and fetish-ware.

Still, I think its worth your time and I think Daniel did a great job kitbashing FATE into something a more traditional RPer would recognise.

We’re contemplating a second edition – possibly under a different rules-set since people didn’t quite ‘grok’ what we were doing with FATE but that won’t be any time soon.

Meanwhile you can get the whole thing for a song as a BUNDLE.