#RPG – Space Princess Featured on Game School Podcast


My RPG  – Machinations of the Space Princess – was featured on Game School. Listen to me take Satine Phoenix through the game, and talk about the design philosophy and decisions behind it.


#RPG – New Podcast Out: Game School


Disclosure: I dare to call Satine my friend, she’s on the podcast, has done some work with me (Machinations of the Space Princess) and I consider her an all-round awesome human being. Plus she’s hotter than jerked Azer. I don’t know Chad Parish from Adam though.

There’s a new podcast series out that is, essentially, a ‘review show’ but the format is something different and awesome.

The hosts (Satine Phoenix and Chad Parish) get a designer on, talk about their game, go over some of the design principles and ideas and then go over how to make a character and play a short bit of the game – a couple of scenes – to show how it works in play.

It’s a novel and fantastic way to get across both the essence of a game and the intentions of the designer and I heartily recommend listening in.

Linkypooh HERE.

Machinations of the Space Princess: Tarot Preview



The Empress represent rule, legitimacy, tradition, motherhood and strength of character.

Her presence indicates tradition, prosperity, continuity and security while her inversion indicates poverty, conflict and directionless disorder. Inverted, though, her presence indicates novelty and a chance for things to change.

In games, drawing The Empress for inspiration might prompt you to bring in a leadership figure, an older woman or imperial (or similar) forces.


Machinations of the Space Princess: Art Preview


They grow big out here.

Machinations of the Space Princess: Art Preview


Machinations of the Space Princess: Art Preview


A Scholar, seeking to answer the eternal question: “What does this button do?”

Machinations of the Space Princess: Art Preview


An example of the ‘Killer’ class.

Machinations: Satine Interview

What made you agree to work on this project?
I LOVE SciFi.. and I love RPGs… and I LOVE LOVE Princesses. It was obvious really 😉 Also James asked me.
How did you get started as an artist?
I was born with it. Just been drawing since I was little. My grandmother would make fantasy stories for me to illustrate. Wizards, princesses, butterflies, unicorns… etc. Went to art school at the Academy of Art in San Francisco for 5 years before I dropped out due to … politics. But you don’t have to go to art school to be an artist. It does help tho.
You have a very distinctive, graphical style. Who are your influences?
Really? Thanks! I just draw the way I know how. I watched a lot of cartoons growing up. Disney, Liquid Television, Simpsons/Futurama, Bugs Bunny, Road Runner, Nickelodeon, Anime…. but maybe most of my influences came from Aeon Flux and The Maxx mixed with Ralph Bakshi and here I am!
When did you first start gaming?
I was 15 ish, tho I was introduced to D&D when I was about 11. Found my dad’s old characters & books
What excites you about this project?
What doesn’t excite me about illustrating an entire SciFi RPG?! You’ll develop a character based on the description but also my stylings will be a piece of that. That’s pretty sexy!
What would your dream art project be?
One that I have a crew of people to help me with. … my dream would be the Lead/Director of a project i design. Music video, comic, animation, whatever it is… i want a crew to help with it.
If you were going to play Machinations of the Space Princess, what kind of character would you play?
Probably a space trader… feline?… who knows. Once I draw all of these character mixes i’ll have a better idea of what i’d like to be. I’m partial to the lizard people right now because i drew them the best so far. Then again.. i’d like to be green….
If you could change one thing to make games even better, what would it be?
I haven’t played every game so i can’t answer that question 😉
Cats or dogs?
Do you prefer to work digitally or in traditional media? 
Yes 😀

Machinations: Thanks for getting us to our first stretch goal!

Here’s Satine thanking you for your contributions so far and asking for more of your cash to help us get to the next stretch goal. Probably better that she does it since, despite my ‘cool accent’ I have a face for radio (or punching, apparently).  FUND US

Machinations/Monster Maidens: Satine’s Art

Have a butchers at these and it’ll give you some idea what to expect, art-wise.

Also…. FUND US