#RPG – A Month of Monsters – The Baron


You can buy this piece of stock art, for as little as $1 this month as part of a promotion. We have a promotion running all month, 31 pieces of monstrous stock art, one a day until all are at on sale culminating on the 31st for Halloween.

This piece depicts an unearthly gentleman with an unsettling, tombstone, grin.

The Baron is a legend and a contradiction, a dead man who loves life. A wight that heals. A fleshly being who acts more like a spirit. His booming laugh and enormous carnal appetites – for pleasure, drink, food and smoking herbs – are as legendary as he is. He follows his own whims but repays debts. He is neither hero nor villain, he simply does what amuses him and keeps to deals he has struck, with a blunt manner and a literally interpretive frame of mind. Villain or ally? That really depends whether you amuse him or not and whether you bought him a drink.

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