ImagiNation: Imminent & Artwork!

ImagiNation should be ready very, very soon as all the art is in and done and all the text is done and edited.

Rowena Aitken who did most of the art for the game is selling the originals, so get in quck while you can to buy them!

Rowena Aitken Art Sale

I’d buy that for a Dollar!

RPGNOW has a big sale on and you can go here and spend your hard-earned cash on our PDFs and thereby make me happy. At least, as happy as one can be whilst being pelted with Olympic propaganda from all sides.

To double my pleasure you could pop across and drop the money you save on the Machinations of the Space Princess. There’s, just barely, time to fund it IF you pull your finders out your arses.

Ian’s Updates

From the Mind of UJames1978
From the Mind of UJames1978 eBook

Used Books

Whore’s Blade
Heroics and Fantasy Logos
WB20k now on Amazon

New Clip Art Critters and Other Stuff

Check them out, and everything else, HERE.

We’ve also re-indexed all of our clipart with more easily searchable names and have a free catalogue you can get HERE.

We still have a few Deluxe Agents of SWING copies left for those who might want them (Limited number will be available at Dragonmeet & Indiecon).

The deluxe Agents of SWING box contains:

  • Hardback copy of the main book.
  • Copies of the Agent’s Handbook (Character sheets for players)
  • A copy of the Control Handbook (GMs notes and NPCs notebook)
  • Branded pencils.
  • Hand-distressed and liveried box-file
  • Dice for Agents & Control
  • Fate Chips
  • Eraser
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Unique adventure seed

Contact Postmortem directly (grim AT postmort DOT demon DOT co DOT uk) to order. It’s priced at £60 (which includes shipping, anywhere in the world).

There are also a limited number of copies of Call of Cthentacle and its supplement, The Dunbitch Horror, sold together for £15 (again including shipping). Contact at the above address the same if you’re interested in that.



To celebrate the 200th (!) piece of art for sale by Brad McDevitt we’re knocking 25% off ALL clipart for sale at RPGNOW until the end of the month. Pick yourself up some lovely bargains by an RPG industry veteran and use them to liven up your games, your handouts and your products.

Check it

Shifting Cthentacle

I need some money in fairly quick order to help fund expansion and pay to get some more product out quickly as well as to store up some funds for some more appearances and to up-tempo my convention schedule.

The best way for me to do that seems to be to offload some of my stock of professionally printed Cthentacle and its first supplement, The Dunbitch Horror.

For a limited time I’m willing to offload both together for a total of £12.50 (including shipping). If you want multiple copies it’ll be £10 for each set, plus £2.50 on top for shipping, no matter how many copies.

Please pass this info along and let people know.

Ordering can only be done direct, to me for this offer. If you’re interested contact me at GRIM at POSTMORT dot DEMON dot CO dot UK or on Twitter via @Grimachu

Buy one – and talk about it – get one free!

Last year I ran a little promotion where if you bought and reviewed one of my products, you could get another one for free. 13 months ago in fact. I’ve decided that it might be a good time to run that promo again.

So, here’s the rules…

1. One free product per entrant.
2. You may not choose an art product – due to licensing and arrangements with those artists. Nor may you choose a free product.
3. In order to claim your product, e-mail me at GRIM at POSTMORT dot DEMON dot CO dot UK with a link to where you have placed your review. You can place your review on RPGNOW, on a personal blog, on a website that accepts reviews or anywhere else where it can be publicly seen. If possible the review should contain a link either to or to the Postmortem store on RPGNOW.
4. This offer will run until the end of June, midnight on the last day of June, by UK reckoning.

Share, and enjoy.

Postmortem Studios one day sale!

I’m having a one-day, half-price sale for Halloween. So get in quick 🙂SALE