Elemental Fusionist (RIFTSpost)

wpid-screenshot_2014-11-02-11-08-49-1-1Elemental Fusionist

Elemental Fusionists combine opposing elements (Earth/Air or Fire/Water) into a form of natural magic that infuses their bodies with elemental energy and makes them a force to be reckoned with.

Stunt: Elemental Power
Elemental Fusionists gain +2 to resist any attacks relating to their elements and their infusion of elemental energy gives them an additional point of Physical Stress.

Stunt: Elemental Magic
Elemental Fusionists gain an elemental power from their elemental mix and in addition can choose one spell from their appropriate spell list. Additional spells can be bought from those lists later on as individual stunts.

Breathe Without Air, Chameleon, Change Wind Direction, Create Light, Create Mild Wind, Dig, Distant Voices, Electric Arc, Dust Storm, Identify Minerals, Identify Plants, Mend Stone, Sand Storm, Stop Wind, Thunder Clap, Throwing Stones, Travel Through Walls, Walk the Wind.

Blinding Flash, Breathe Underwater, Cloud of Ash, Cloud of Steam, Dowsing, Float on Water, Fog of Fear, Frostblade, Extinguish Fire, Fiery Touch, Fire Bolt, Globe of Daylight, Impervious to Fire, Nightvision, Resist Cold, Sense Direction Underwater, Spontaneous Combustion, Walk the Waves.

Stunt: Elemental Knowledge
Elemental Fusionists can speak to, identify and sense elementals.

Stunt: Elemental Embodiment
Fire/Water Elemental Fusionists gain +1 on any swimming rolls and pick five elemental powers from the following:
Flame Coat: +1 Armour (set on fire), attackers attack at -1 in close combat due to the effect of the flames.
Fire Flood: Unleashes a wave of liquid fire for +1 Mega-damage.
Firestorm: A fire bolt is called from the sky for +1 Mega-damage.
Fire & Water Lungs: Can breathe normally in smoke, ash, fire and water.
Fire Water: Can turn water into alcohol or an elixer that provides +1 to resist cold effects.
Fire/Water field: Surrounded by an energy barrier for +1 Armour (Elemental fusionists normally only wear light armour).
Hot Ice: Trn ice into hot embers.
Liquid Fire: Spilled water can be used to create a flaming barrier that does +1 damage to anyone passing through it.
Spit Fire: The Fusionist can spit gobs of fire for +0 Mega-Damage.
Steam Bath: Creates a soothing cloud of steam and heat that cleans surfaces and people, negating contact poisons or acids.
Steam blast: +2 damage cloud of steam.
Steam bolt: +1 mega-damage, +1 to attacks. This broad blast of steam is hard to avoid.
Superheat Water: Boils within five seconds.

Earth/Air Elemental Fusionists gain Iron Hide, Alter Earth and four other powers from below.
Alter Earth: Changes the consistency of dirt, packing it lose or aerating it.
Air Hammer: +2 Mega-damage, a blast of air that can cut rock and dirt and shape it to the caster’s will.
Clattering Tree: A tree is animated by the wind into a horrifying, groaning spectre, +0 attack versus mental stress.
Floating Earth: the caster can fly on a chunk of levitating dirt or rock at 20mph.
Earth Feed: You can feed from the air and soil and can sustain another person.
Earth Lungs: You can breathe under the dirt or rock without issue.
Column of Air & Debris: You can create a miniature tornado that does +0 damage each turn people are within it.
Dust Blast: Wind blown grit and dust can be hurled into an opponent giving them the ‘blinded’ negative aspect.
Hurl Earth Objects: You can hurl any item made of earth elements with great force, like a bullet. The thrown weapon does +1 extra damage and is considered to do mega-damage.
Hurl Tree Limb: As above.
Iron Hide: +1 natural armour.
Rock Wind: You can lift +3 damage worth of rocks into the air and hurl them at your enemies (mega damage). You can split this damage up into separate attacks if you wish.
Shifting Ground: Creates a negative aspect ‘Uneven ground’ for the enemy for a scene.
Wind Lift: Powerful air can lift and hurl objects as big as cars around. When they crash they take/inflict +2 mega-damage.

Refresh: 2

Juicer (RiftsPost)



Juicers hyper-accelerate their bodies with powerful drugs. None live more than six years beyond the commencement of their use of the drug.

Stunt: Drugged Physique
Juicers are hyped up and on edge constantly thanks to the drugs pumping through their system. They get a free +1 to any feats of strength, endurance, reflexes or dexterity.

Stunt: Painless
Juicers can endure a huge amount of pain and physical trauma. They gain an extra point of Physical Stress and a second minor consequence.

Stunt: Turbo-Metabolism
Juicers automatically heal their worst consequence after every scene.

Refresh: 3

Juicers start flexplate (+1 Armour), JA-11 energy rifle, energy pistol and vibro knife.


joaquinMerc Soldier

Mercenaries are ubiquitous across RIFTS earth, hired guns and blades can be found anywhere and everywhere but the exceptional ones can make a real mark.

Mercs are a generic character type and can combine almost any sort of abilities in new combinations. They have three stunts of the player’s choice and Refresh of 3.




tr-00410Robot Pilot

Robot Pilots are heavy weapons experts who specialise in power armour and giant robots.

Robot Pilots can choose one stunt alongside either Power Armour or Giant Robot synergy.

Stunt: Synergy
While piloting whichever type of suit they specialise in, the character gains a +1 bonus to all actions within that suit. This is less powerful but more versatile than Glitter Boys.

Stunt: Suit
Power Armour and giant robots are serious pieces of hardware. Having this stunt grants initial access and guaranteed swift access to such a suit.

Power armour: NG-Samson.
Giant Robot: Titan

Open Art Call: Young Adult/Children’s Illustration Style

People_Children_Young_artist_023259_This is a Chronicle City project, not a Postmortem Studios project. I just have the contacts and exposure here and the CC website isn’t quite ready yet.

When I made my previous open art call I got too many responses, to the point where it was impossible to respond to everyone. I realise that may have put a few noses out of joint and I apologise. If the response to this call is anything like as strong as the previous one I’m going to have the same problem. So I apologise in advance for not necessarily replying to people who aren’t successful in applying!



The Job

  • Colour cover (ensemble ‘cast’) digest format 300 dpi+
  • Up to 16 small, interior B&W (line art) illustrations (1/4 page, B&W).
  • Turnaround: ASAP.
  • Budget: $600-$700 USD (Some wiggle room). If you would charge more, give us your quote and blow us away


  • This is for a light, fun, indie-style role-playing game but the project may be suitable for people who wouldn’t normally work in this niche.
  • A familiarity with comic/cartoon/children’s/young adult illustration style would be helpful.
  • Please send examples or include a link to your portfolio.
  • The setting is modern day, Pacific Northwest American. ‘Modern day’ could refer to anything from the 1980s to today.
  • Character illustration is the most important aspect of the job. Fun characters with a sense of movement and expression are important.

Even if you’re not interested, please pass it on.

This could be a good learning experience for a talented art student are someone looking to gain experience or break into illustration. Even if you’re not interested, please pass it on across social media, groups, email lists, forums etc.

Contact address: grim AT postmort DOT demon DOT co DOT uk

A Stitch in Time – Indigo Prime

Indigo Prime Logo VERTICALWhilst rummaging through old papers looking for contract documents (don’t ask) I stumbled across a practically prehistoric RPG of Indigo Prime I had written back in 1990-1991 or so on an Apricot and printed on faded dot matrix paper with the little punch holes in the side..

Like a lot of early scribblings it is horribly naive and derivative but its also amazingly prescient in a number of ways and a time capsule into the kinds of influences that were being shared across multiple media at the time.

I can see why I abandoned the game despite playing it a few times. In 1993 Mage the Ascension was published which goes over a lot of the same conceptual ground and would have made a good Indigo Prime game in and of itself with just a little bit of work.

From a modern gaming point of view, what was interesting was that consensual reality was there, as was warping what was and wasn’t real and how the world works through powers which – while having 20 levels – were very similar to spheres.  I’d also worked into the game a mind/body separation which I don’t believe has particularly been done – at least not as something integral to a game – until Eclipse Phase.

Maybe I should copy it up as a curiosity, if there’s any interest.


Machinations: Updated Fundraiser Page!

We’ve updated the fundraiser page with some new perks (there may still be a few more to come but we’ll handle changing your pledge reward for you if you want to change or double/triple up).

Things will kick into even higher gear starting next week with more notes, a pitch video and more to tempt and tease. I’m also hoping to get some blog and podcast interviews going and otherwise I’m available across social media and in this blog to field people’s questions about the game.

Meanwhile, here’s a few little word-pictures, tasters, ideas:

A pirate ship spreads its solar sails and sweeps out of the sun, blasting at a convoy of golden, glinting traders.

The white-furred bandit queen receives you in the icy inner chamber of her comet fortress. Airs and graces that bely her vicious whims.

The ship crashed. Your suit’s batteries failed. The bloodsucking thorns tore at your flesh and your shipsuit. Ragged and bloodied you are down to your diamond-knife and your disintegrator pistol, on half charge. Then you hear the shriek of a beast…

Gorlakk slides the packet of tyon powder across the desk, distracted by the three-breasted girl dancing in the zero-gee bubble. “You get that sold and I’ll give you your in with the Marquis.”

The gunfighter fixes her opponent in the range-finding gaze of her cybernetic eye. When the mass-lift fires they draw, but what he doesn’t know is that the gun on her bare hip is a decoy. The real gun is built into her gunmetal right-arm.


6-Pack Adventures: THULU! (Pathfinder) RELEASED!

A 6-Pack Adventure: pick-up-and-play adventures designed to fill 2-4 hours of play and containing everything you need.

  • Battle Map
  • Tokens
  • Pre-generated characters

For longevity you can use the tokens and the map for anything else you care to do and the adventures should be fairly easily adaptable to fit into your existing campaign if you want.

THULU! Has a ragged band of grizzled warriors trying to hold off the orc horde long enough for relief to arrive.

Pathfinder and associated marks and logos are trademarks of Paizo Publishing, LLC, and are used under license. See paizo.com/pathfinderRPG for more information on the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

Buy download HERE

In print HERE