Art Jobs Now Closed

I’ve assigned out the art jobs I had going, but the response was tremendous and I found a whole bunch of good artists through this. Thanks to everyone who applied and who passed on the message.

Of particular note were the following and if I can’t give them the work, at least I can give them a boost and maybe you can give them work:

Chaz Kemp: Awesome Nouveau style, and I pet they could be provoked into Deco with a pointy stick.

Janto: Sparse, effective, stark B&W illustrations suited to any horror game.

Craig Brasco: I get a very French, BD, vibe from this work and would definitely use them for SF or urban fantasy.

Sean Forney: Deliciously superheroic.

Wayne O Connor: I love this stuff. Some of it has a Tim Buron feel, some of it reminds me of Alan Davis’ run on Captain Britain or DR & Quinch. Fucking awesome.

Cognoggin: Makes me think of Spacemaster for some reason. This is not a bad thing. Definitely worth a look, great pencils.

Practically everyone who applied was great in one way or another, but I just wanted to point these out as the stand-outs.