Poll Game: Zombie – Hopalong

In great pain you hobble on through the dark, determined to keep your lead on the stumbling dead. Every step is agony and the pain spreads up through your leg from your foot, up your leg, numbing your whole side but you grit your teeth and carry on, despite the pain swimming in your head and making you dizzy.

Finally you see the light again, after what seems like eternity. Emerging into the light of the setting sun you realise that in your pained stumbling you’ve been in the tunnels for many hours, not moving as fast as you thought you might be. You’ve lost all points of reference to where you might be.

Once your eyes adjust you look down at your foot, which is swollen hugely, so big it’s making your trainer bulge and you have to shove your fist into your mouth not to scream when you experimentally prod at it. It’s probably broken, but it’s not like you can lay up for a month and let it heal.

Shit, shit indeed.

So, how screwed are you?
Find a way down to the streets, maybe you can find a pharmacy.
Carry on hobbling to the next station.
Sit down at the side of the tracks and do what you can to support your foot.
Look for any signs of life, people who might be able to help you.
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Poll Game: Zombie – Snap!

In a blind panic you start to run down the tunnel, carrying on the way you meant to go as the hooting, growling and moaning of the dead in the station sounds in a chorus behind you. Panting, with your heart in your mouth you pump your arms and legs and throw yourself forward, desperate to get away. You get some distance down the tunnel before the curve – hidden in the total darkness – causes you to smash face-first into the filthy wall of the tunnel and fall back. Your foot catches in something and twists with a sickening snap sound, instantly drowned out by your pained SCREAM of agony.

The scream is answered by moans and growls, far behind you now in the tunnels but with your wounded foot you might not be much faster than these creatures now. The pain is dulling your senses and slowing you down, but if you’re going to survive you need to figure out something…

Ow, my foot!
Turn on your torch and try to give yourself first aid.
Use your golf club as a crutch to hobble on.
Hide in the side of the tunnel and wait for the dead to pass you.
Lie in wait and ambush the dead as they come after you.
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Poll Game: Zombie – Sneaky…

Flicking off your torch you’re plunged into total darkness. Holding your breath and trembling in fear you begin to slowly, carefully creep your way across. With your eyes blinded by the pitch darkness your other senses grow in strength. You feel every bump in what looked like smooth concrete, you smell dust and soot and the coppery tang of blood which lingers in your mouth and becomes a taste. Every rustling draught, every creak, every shuffle, every groan seems loud, seems close, leaping your heart into your throat.

Sound is the only way you can tell where you are, the sound becoming airier, more echoey as you enter the platform and all but crawl along, terrified of attracting any attention. The sound begins to change again, you think you’re reaching the end of the platform when your foot bumps up against something in the dark with a soft thump and you trip over it, landing with a thump and a slight involuntary scream as you realise you tripped over a body.

Instantly the moaning from the platform reaches a crescendo and the shuffling homes in on you quickly. You hear a groan and a thump behind you, down the platform as one of the dead tumbles down onto the rails. They’re down with you now and there’s more coming. You scramble up to your feet and have to decide what the hell you’re going to do, quickly…

What now?
Flick on your torch and draw your golf club to fight.
Turn on your torches and climb onto the platform to take the stairs up and get out.
Hide under the body and keep silent, they can’t see in the dark any more than you can.
RUN like hell down the tunnel.
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Poll Game: Zombie – Crowd Dodging

You smash in through the window into the small flat above the shop, though it seems to have bee converted into extra storage. You hear smashing and crashing below, groaning and breaking noises, the shop must be crammed with the dead so you creep across, opening the window at the other side and scrambling down, dropping into the street as the dead file into the shop, looking for you in there as you flee back towards the rail tunnel, avoiding the few scattered dead in the streets, flicking on your torch and stepping into the dark.

It is dark, really dark, rats and tube mice scattering ahead of you as you walk along the rail line, careful, taking it slow, keeping a safe pace, avoiding the rails just in case. Even with the torches though, it’s hard to see that far ahead, it makes you nervous… really nervous, especially as the sound quality changes and you must be about to enter one of the stations… from which you can hear the shuffling and groaning of the dead…

What to do?
Run through the station, you might trip but you’ll get through quick.
Creep through with your torches off, hopefully they won’t hear you.
Creep in the dark? With zombies? Hell no… leave the tunnels and go back to the streets.
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Poll Game: Zombie – Rat up a drainpipe

You glance back and forth in a panic, closed in, slamming the back door of the shop shut and scrambling, fuelled by adrenalin, up the wall. With your backpack it’s a hell of a struggle to get up, out of reach, hanging precariously from the second floor windowsill and the drainpipe, holding on, white-knuckled as three of the things gather beneath you, reaching up, pawing the wall as you cling on for dear life. You can’t hold on much longer and you need to make a choice…

How can you get away?
Ditch your backpack and you should be able to climb up to the roof.
Throw your bag down onto them and follow up with the club.
Try and scramble down the row of shops from window to window.
Scream for help.
Break through the window into the shop.
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Poll Game: Zombie – Out Back

You dive away, scrambling over the bookcase, crushing the creature still trapped underneath, shoving over other bookcases to block the way as you barge out of the back, there’s blood all over the floor back here, slippery and thickened, causing you to slip and land with a thump on your arse, getting smeared with the vile, viscous fluid before you scramble back up again and smash out the back, breaking the rear lock.

The back alley is strewn with rubbish, and you see shambling shapes either side of the alley, closing you in both sides, whatever’s coming in behind you cutting off your retreat. They might be slow, but they’ve got the numbers and you need to come up with a plan to get away…

How to get away?
Slam the door and drag trash to blockade the alley so you only have to face one.
Try and barge past one of the alley zombies and get back to the tunnel.
Break into the back of another shop.
Climb up the back of one of the shops.
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Poll Game: Zombie – Crash, bang, wallop

The shelf crashes down as you grab it and hurl it aside. There’s a dull grunt behind you as everything rains down on the zombie that was behind you, pinning it to the floor and creating an enormous crash that sounds like the beginning of the universe, it’s so loud in the silence of the streets. You whirl around and turn to look and it’s definitely one of the dead, arms and legs squirming, trying to pull itself across the floor to get to you, scrabbling at your trousers, nails catching at the cloth as you stumble back.

Outside others of the dead, attracted by the noise are moving, the couple from the street already shambling towards the doorway, moving to block your exit and to cram in and get you. There might be a way out the back, but that’s by no means guaranteed…

What now?
Finish off the pinned zombie with your golf club.
Barge out through the dead at the front door before they can block you off.
Attack the two at the door before the other one scrabbles free.
Barge out the back into the alleyway.
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Poll Game: Zombie – Gear Up

With a great deal of effort you scramble up from the rails, swinging your leg up and then shimmying over the fence, leaving your coat on the barbed wire to protect you and to give you a way back over. You dash down, leaping off a wall down to the road with a loud ‘oof’ as you wind yourself, carrying the heavy bag is slowing you up. There’s a few bodies in the street, shot through the head and piled up crudely at the side of the road. There’s a lot of bloodstains on the walls as well and bulletholes. It looks more like a street in Iraq than London.

You’ve already been noticed by a couple of the dead on the road, though there don’t seem to be too many around. They turn and begin to lurch towards you, one of them has no left arm and is riddled with wounds, the other is a whole, fresh-looking teenage girl, could have been someone from your school easily, but you’ve no time to care about that.

The shops have smashed windows here – the ones that still had glass when things went to crap – the rest seem relatively intact, even if some of the doors have been broken open. There’s a small hardware store that you shove your way into, grabbing batteries and a torch still in its packet but freezing up as you hear a low, rumbling groan behind you, inside the shop.

Run, immediately.
Drag your golg club out and turn to attack.
Grab the shelf and drag it over onto whatever’s behind you.
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Poll Game: Zombie – RUN AWAY!!!

It’s easy enough to outrun the few of the dead around the station. It concerns you a little that you’re not seeing any people, but they’re probably holed up in their buildings like you were. You shake your head to shake off the worry and jog down the train line, keeping to one side, feeling nervous and unsettled to be on the line – where you shouldn’t normally be – but there’s no trains running, it should be safe. The dead seem to be eschewing the lines as well, old instinct perhaps, you don’t expect the underground stations will be as clear. At the moment you’re above ground, it doesn’t turn into the underground for a while yet, though crossing the bridges you are running ABOVE the streets beneath. The dead are milling around down there and, disturbingly, many of them seem ‘fresh’, some even in police and military uniforms.

You’re out of breath and virtually dead on your feet, the most exercise you’ve had in forever, as you come to the dark, gaping mouth of a tunnel. The place where the railway becomes the underground. It looks dark, and anything could be hiding in there, it’s enough to give you second thoughts…

Maybe you should stop and get a good torch or two, and some spare batteries from a nearby shop.
Dark tunnels… underground stations… not a good idea. Maybe the streets…
You should hold up and rest, no point exhausting yourself and making mistakes.
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Poll Game: Zombie – Away we go.

Your mind’s made up. You can’t stay here. Fuck knows where your mum is or anyone else you know and thinking back, things at the school didn’t seem right. Maybe none of your school friends have done very well either. You pack up what you can despite the attempts of the others from the block to get you to stay. You can still hear sirens and gunshots out there, so someone’s still alive, though it’s not as noisy as it once was. They do persuade you to leave most of the food, but you reckon you can find most of what you need out there somewhere, better to travel light. Once your mind’s set you clamber out of one of the windows and down onto the ‘porch’ roof, standing above the dead who haven’t noticed you yet, scratching and banging at the doors and windows as they are.

You almost piss yourself with fear at the sound of them, there’s something primal and hungry about the noise that sends shudders up and down your back. What’s worse is that you vaguely recognise some of these people, faces you’ve seen in the crowds and never paid attention to in the past. That fills you with waves of guilt before you steel yourself, run, and jump, landing heavily a few metres from the back of the line of the dead, virtually winding yourself as you scramble up and they begin to turn.

You sprint, running for the station, despite the pain in your stomach and the fear making your heart pound. You dodge around a shambling, bloody thing in the alleyway and swing around the steps, jumping over a properly dead body as you pound up the stairs and onto the bridge that runs over the line, leaping down onto the roof of one of the platforms with a thump to catch your breath.

There’s only two or three deaders around the station, but they know you’re there, one’s trying to climb the bridge behind you, the others are on the platform. Not far down the line a train rests, abandoned, doors open, still giving its announcements about evacuating the train, as it probably will until the power runs down…

Where can you go?
Follow the lines out of the city, things should be safer out there.
Take the roads towards the sounds of gunfire to find help.
Follow the rails back towards the centre of the city where the big buildings are.
Find a better vantage point in a taller housing block.
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