#RPG – Tales of Gor Hardcopy Available

18161952_1848239302110234_5919496009506881536_nAnd has been shipped to backers too…

You can purchase hardcopies of…

Tales of Gor

World of Gor

and my other works

…over on Lulu.com


Machinations of the Space Princess: Printing issues!

Please note, these issues do not appear to have affected the colour copies. This is limited to the B&W copies.

There seem to be some fairly serious print defects in the B&W copies of MotSP that have already shipped, whether ordered or shipped out by me for fulfillment.

If your cover is ‘bobbled’, please take the issue up with Lulu directly. It is, however, unlikely that you’ll get a replacement in this instance as this is a fairly typical issue, even on some full print runs of books.

If your interior is misprinted please get in touch with me directly as the problem SHOULD now be fixed and I will send you a replacement copy as soon as possible.

The photos below show the sort of problem you should be looking for.

I have no way of knowing how many copies are screwed up in this way. It appears to be an esoteric problem between PDF output standards, printer processing and the final printing process, but it SHOULD be fine now.

You can contact me at:

grim AT postmort DOT demon DOT co DOT uk

Please include a photo of the print problem and your address.

photo 3As you can see at the bottom of the page, the problem is over-printing and that the borders have not been properly reversed left to right. Check through your copy for this issue which has occurred in at least two printings.

I apologise unreservedly, this kind of print screw-up is not acceptable.


Machinations of the Space Princess: PoD Available!

Until the game ends up in the proper distribution chain, and because I need more money to recoup postage costs, AND because the backer copies are all being shipped now – here’s the PoD versions of MotSP.

You can buy the colour version HERE (though it is hideously expensive, so I’d wait for a Lulu coupon code.

The much more reasonable B&W version is HERE.

My other Lulu stuff can be found HERE.

Board & Card Games at TheGameCrafter

Recently I uploaded three of my board/card games to The Game Crafter which allows for Print on Demand board and card games to be created. The only outstanding board/card game of mine that I haven’t yet uploaded is Lady Bexington’s Home for Wayward Zombies and that’s because the sales on this site – so far – don’t allow for it. I thought,though, it might be useful for people to get a look at what you get for your money and for me to offer a presentation both on the games themselves and on The Game Crafter as a site for offering POD board/card games through.

Steamed is my simple, fast game of steam-powered mecha duelling. The card quality is excellent, though the cutting is a little bit rough around the edges. The game board isn’t that thick but that’s not really a problem for this game. They offer larger boards for bigger games which look to be of greater thickness/quality. The cards are big and very well printed with excellent quality, though they are just a tiny bit thin for the card stands. Out of the box this isn’t a problem but later on with wearing you may find the cards sliding free of the holders. This version includes the Tactical Cards expansion, which are the little cards you see in the middle.

Steamed sells at TGC for $17.99 (Around £12.00, but shipping outside the US is a bitch).

Cthentacle is the successor game to Hentacle and, overall, much better executed. This version of the game includes every character and every card from every set, along with all the optional rules. That’s a shitload of cards. Again the print quality is excellent though the cards are just the slightest bit thin. The cutting issues show up a bit more on the black-edged cards but really don’t look that bad. I consider this to be the definitive and best edition of Cthentacle, though I’m under no illusions that most people buy it to actually play 😛

Cthentacle sells at TGC for $34.99 (Around £24.00 but, again, shipping outside the US is a bitch).

Final Straw is my game of highschool shooting satire. It was always going to be a controversial topic and I somewhat misjudged the American market. Europeans often find the whole US gun culture darkly amusing (gallows humour). The game is actually more about the aftermath and the blame game that goes on. In the Game Crafter edition the quality of the game comes through much better and the game pieces are excellent, though the little plastic round tokens are a little thin. The dice and the ‘meeple’ are great. Again the black border shows up the cutting issues, but these are minor. I would hope that the quality and value comes through in the hardcopy version.

Final Straw sells at TGC for $29.99 (Around £20.00 but, yet again, shipping outside the US is a bitch).

The Game Crafter is great for running off proofs but does not seem to have anything like the same through-traffic that sites like RPGNOW and Drivethru do. There are promotional tools but they seem to have limited impact. For POD the quality can’t be beaten and it is probably worth taking demo sets that you get printed off to proof the games to conventions and so on. The major sticking point for anyone outside the USA is that the shipping costs are exorbitant. To order Cthentacle on non-priority, non-tracked post via USPS to the UK is $25.00 (£17.00!).  By comparison, I could ship through a discount shipping service, such as MyHermes, from the UK to the US for £3-4 ($6.00 or so).

For people outside the US TGC is only really an option for proofs of games and the die-hard fan. They really need to find either:

a) Other shipping services.
b) A European print partner.

Continental Europe is nuts for card/board games, surely there must be someone out there who’d partner with TGC?

Meanwhile, please buy these. I have fun making card and board games and want to make more!



Postmortem Studios Financial Year

My financial year runs 1st January to 1st January so far as my accounts go.

I’m not going to give absolutely precise figures to you but I’m going to let you know where the business currently stands financially and what I think this means for me, and potentially for you if you work in this sort of area or have expectations thereof.

Postmortem Studios covers my income from fiction self publishing, RPG self-publishing, freelancing for other RPG companes/small publishers and also my income from stands at conventions, sales via distribution through third parties and so forth.

Postmortem Studios has a diverse RPG product portfolio with many different games and one-off products, support materials for other companies and generic products.

In our last financial period we made around £8,000 and have approximately £500 worth of stock currently in storage.

We made less than the UK minimum wage, but more than the US minimum wage (close to $13,000).

The year was a difficult year due to the economy being bad enough to reach into the leisure market and due to personal problems and additional expenses. My depression kept me from working at my full capacity and turned more than one month completely unproductive. Medical costs have increased for me despite the NHS and the cost of learning to drive has been considerable but may pay for itself later on with easier and increased convention attendance.

Agents of SWING was the banner product, supported by hardy perennials such as the 100 seeds books and increased access to distribution.

The best move I made was probably becoming involved with IPR and supplying them with hardcopy product though cashflow issues have prevented me fully exploiting that avenue for sales. Potential profits have also been impacted by the relative slow speed at which third party access to distribution has been processed.

I speculate that had I not been so ill this past year I would have been able to break the UK minimum wage barrier for yearly income for the first time, rather than merely the occasional month. Without a strong hit (like Agents of SWING) I am unlikely to make the same amount this year, particularly as I intend to concentrate on my diversification into written fiction.

Good things we did this year

  • The $1.99 pricing for short or one-off products seems to work well and to attract interest to things that might otherwise be passed over.
  • Conventional pricing for larger products seems to work better than cheap pricing.
  • Blog engagement has been good and has driven sales, especially in hardcopy.
  • IPR has been worthwhile to join and e23 sales have continued to grow.
  • Assisting/boosting new writers has been good and driven engagement and enthusiasm.
  • Social media engagement, especially Twitter and G+. Facebook doesn’t appear to be worth the effort.
  • Managed to pay artists more and get good rapport with co-workers and bind regular co-workers together.

Things that didn’t work out

  • Deluxe versions of products are very expensive with little return other than buzz.
  • Still haven’t managed to find a stable, usable and common enough platform for running demo games or found people to reliably run demos etc at cons.
  • Depression, enough said.
  • Didn’t get to more cons.
  • No improvement in direct sales.