#RPG #TTRPG #WeirdHookMonth – Silly Hats


The Hook

The reason mages wore pointed hats was because they grounded evil energy unleashed by spells. When they go out of style everyone has forgotten this. Ba, city of magic, is now under siege with every spell cast by its (nattily millinered) mages to fight the demons, making it worse.

Suggested Systems

Any fantasy game.

Art by Zachary Hixson

#RPG #TTRPG #WeirdHookMonth – Self-Deprecation

t51.pngThe Hook

The Moronism’s Dept is a cover. Ostensibly studying ‘stupidity of crowds’ their true purpose is to find the most oppressed person in the world to offer up as a yearly sacrifice to Evil God Y’tiq-ue. What’s one more angle of oppression to them? You are the prospective sacrifices.

Suggested System

Unknown Armies, Conspiracy X or Mage The Ascension

#RPG #WeirdHookMonth – Unusual Textiles


Lately several of the great and good have been catastrophically & publicly going insane, despite no previous history of mental illness. All recover quickly, otherwise the only link between them is a tiny shop on Bond street where Mr Andras sells very black, very psychic, suits.

Suggested System

Unknown Armies, In Nomine or any other urban fantasy/urban horror game would work well.