#AprilTTRPGmaker How many playtests?

crash-testing-dummiesIt’s very hard to get playtesters for anything. It’s hard to get the attention in the first place, then to find people willing to playtest the game, then getting those people to actually play it and then getting them to give useful feedback. So many people are wedded to one system or one campaign that it can be virtually impossible.

I get playtesting done as best I can, simulating scenarios by myself to test out different aspects of the game with different characters. Like editing your own work, this is tricky, as you know exactly what you meant and don’t necessarily see the errors. For similar reason, playing with your regular group is helpful, but not likely to be hugely helpful.

One of the boons of producing material electronically is that it is relatively easy to update it later on, to ‘patch the game on the fly’. It’s annoying when computer games companies do this by not releasing a complete product, but it is useful from a game designer’s perspective when you find things that need correcting.

So, most of the time, no playtesters. I wish it were otherwise, but it’s just not that practical for a small, indie company.

Machinations: Final Playtest Draft!



I will now start working on the final edit of MotSP and Satine is going full steam ahead on the art now (yay Satine!).

This is the last version you’ll see before the final book and PDF. This is also your last chance to get any feedback or suggestions in.

You can grab the file here: MotSPPlan
And so, The Great Editing begins…

Machinations of the Space Princess: Break it for me

Alex_Horley_i_Nira__LoboI need some volunteers.

I am in the UK and have ‘stuff’ to be getting on with, which means I don’t have much opportunity to run games online over G+ and their ilk.

I’ve run two or three playtests of Machinations of the Space Princess but I simply can’t run games in the US time zone where it would be most useful and there’d be the most opportunity to get games up and running.

I need two or three Games Masters willing to ‘stress test’ the Machinations of the Space Princess systems under ‘combat conditions’ (that is, with players). I need to know what rules need clarification or aren’t obvious enough. I need to know where more examples are needed. I need to know what GM advice, random tables and help would be most useful. I need to know what kind of weapons, ships and so forth players actually try to make when they have the opportunity and whether weapons need more balance than just the cost.

Volunteers can apply via the usual methods, though I’m mostly looking for people who use Google Hangouts as a gaming platform. I’ll provide support and assistance via email and social media for you to help get adventures etc together.

You may fire, when ready.

A message from Brad and an appeal for Playtesters

Hi Everyone…

I have a short horror game loosely inspired by John Carpenter’s version of The Thing that I need play-tested before it gets published by Postmortem Studios, the company behind such games as Hentacle, Agents of SWING and ’45: Psychobilly Retropacalypse.

There would be no pay involved, but everyone who participates and gives feedback will get a mention and thanks in the final product, as well as a free PDF.. not much, I know, but it is all I can afford!

If you are interested and have a group of five or more players willing to get slaughtered in creative ways, please contact me at

bklmcdevitt @ yahoo.com

and i will get you a copy ASAP.

Thanks in advance to everyone who helps out!

Bradley K. McDevitt
A-I Graphics