Machinations: 12 days to go

I’m going to be fairly busy this coming week prepping for and attending IndieCon where I hope to run a demo game of MotSP in at least one of the slots.

That means I won’t be able to post updates and push the campaign as much as I’d like to as we move into our last fortnight of effort.

I would very much like to make Satine’s wish of being able to paint a great-big GM screen come true (3k) and we have had a few fairly awesome thoughts for a possible 4k and 5k level too.

So fund us!

To help push this last bit forward I have created a new – and likely final – perk level ‘Tea, Earl Grey, Hot’ which is a cheaper version of Matter Transportation. It means you get a print copy of the book – albeit not signed – as well as PDFs etc found in the other levels.

So come on, FUND US