Review: GTA Online


I already reviews GTAV, but it’s worth treating GTA Online as its own, separate entity. I’ll keep this brief though, since much of the commentary would be the same. The online version uses the same graphics, same setting, has the same living feel and buildings and so on.

The Good Things

  • You can create and customise your own character and even (le gasp!) play a girl.
  • You can customise and tune your vehicles (though this has a downside, see later).
  • People who are persistent shitheads become ‘bad sports’ and are banished to ‘bad sport’ servers.
  • There’s a huge amount of missions and almost as much fun to be had in the free-roaming section.
  • All the good things, minus the story praise, from the GTAV review.

The Bad Things

  • It is overflowing with shitheads. Even with the ‘bad sport’ system the chat is full of racist bullshit (though so far not sexist bullshit) homophobia and swearing. I was wary about playing online again and it’s not as bad as I expected, but it’s still pretty bad.
  • Aside from the voice chat idiocy there’s plenty of morons that screw the game up in other ways. Tank-trolls, glitch exploiters (huge amounts of free money, invulnerability, even invisibility a couple of times).
  • So. Many. Kids. I don’t mean teens, I mean… well, they sound really, really young. Should they even be playing this game?!? Not exactly easy to shock and pretty easygoing but wow…
  • The aforementioned glitches. A guy virtually ruined the game for me by throwing me 100 million dollars, unrequested. Rockstar support weren’t much help (they wanted evidence/screenshots which are hard to provide on a console).
  • People with bounties on them can hide in their apartments indefinitely, which ruins the point and is no fun.


  • Anyone spawning a tank in freeroaming is an idiot. Avoid.
  • Anyone with a pink gun is an idiot. Avoid.
  • Anyone whose car has a clown horn is an idiot. Avoid.
  • There’s always one motherfucker who thinks it’s funny to drive the wrong way around a race track crashing into everyone.


It’s still fun, but the exploiters are completely out of control and ruining the game for a lot of people. This should be the priority to fix, not new content. It’s still fun, and it’s free, and the idea of free-roaming plus instanced missions/races done in this way could be a good model for MMORPGs on a smaller, more intimate basis. Something people should consider IMO.