#Starfinder – Starfinder Month: Cordiceph


Art by Maxim Verahin

The cordiceph is a conversion template that can be attached to any, infected, living creature.


Cordiceph-infected creatures lose their creature type and replace it with the Plant type. As such they gain low-light vision and plant immunities as well as a +2 bonus to Fortitude saving throws, this is in addition to any conventional abilities they might have. The cordiceph counts as both its original type, and a plant, whichever is most detrimental to it.

Cordiceph lose any skills they might otherwise have had, save Perception, and instead default to their basic Ability bonuses should they attempt any skill with the vestiges of their former intellect.

Cordiceph gain a natural attack based on their CR from the Alien Archive and the Combatant array. EG: A cordiceph infested goblin would do 1d6+Strength bonus bashing damage. Cordiceph may use basic melee weapons, but nothing more complex. This table is also used to determine the Fortitude save DC to avoid infection.

Cordiceph Infection

  • Type: Disease (inhaled or injury) Save: Fortitude, DC depending on source.
  • Track: Mental; Frequency 1/day.
  • Effect: At the stage of death the cordiceph erupts fruiting bodies from the victim and begins to move again. It will seek to attack anyone who is not infected and to travel as far as possible from its point of origin. Upon death the fruiting bodies burst violently, spreading their spores in a fifty foot radius and threatening to infect anyone in that area who is breathing the open air or who has open wounds.
  • Cure: Two consecutive saves.