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Bits Missing From IRREPRESSIBLE!

When I originally planned out IRREPRESSIBLE! I was going to expand on it a bit with some other ideas. I wanted to include some ideas for playing other stories that are similar in character and feel to Monkey, such as Water Margin and even Big Trouble in Little China. I still think the game would be a good fit for these sort of things with a little modification.

I also wanted to cover taking the Monkey story to other genres, spaces and times. Inspired in no small part by Enslaved: Odyssey to the West.

I decided, in the end, not to include these things in the original book as I wanted to keep it fairly pure to the original story (I know, ironic given my second-hand source) and that including all this extra stuff would just get in the way.

Here’s a quick whirlwind tour though.

Important themes

  • Travel
  • Action
  • Comedy
  • Redemption/Enlightenment
  • World in Chaos

Everyman Heroes

If you’re doing something where your characters aren’t so strong then I’d drop the Curse and only give them three traits. I might also drop the points for Virtues/Demons to 12 rather than 15. This is the sort of level you could run a Big Trouble or Water Margin game at.

Other Settings

You can move the story frame to practically anywhere in space and time. The themes are timeless and wonderful. You might need to play fast and loose with the Curse section – or eliminate it – and instead of magic special abilities (the ones that drain karma from the Six Demon Bag – would be technological advantages.

Personally I think that post-apocalypse probably makes the best mirror for the story, but an empire in decline would also work extremely well.


Diceless, mythic adventure stories in a China that never was.

This game isn’t for you if you’re painfully serious about Chinese mythology, or Buddhism or… anything. If you like playing comedy monsters struggling for enlightenment in a mythic China/India (in a hapless fashion) and failing as much as they succeed, then you’re in for a treat.

This game is best played ‘poorly dubbed’.



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