#TTRPG – A Bestiary of Sundry Creatures for OSR and Mörk Borg RELEASED!



Bees emerge as blind worms from the flesh of rotting cows. The cockatrice is hatched from the eggs of black hens that have been corrupted by sorcerers. Kittens born in the month of May should be killed immediately since they will surely bring misfortune to the household. The caladarius bird dwells in the palaces of the great and by its gaze reveals whether an invalid will live or die. The Bestiary of Sundry Creatures sets out pre-modern people’s beliefs about many of the creatures that populated their world and their imagination. In addition to providing OSR (and Mork Borg) compatible statistics for these animals, it includes scholarly opinions and rustic folklore about the temperament, behaviour and medicinal and magical qualities of these creatures. GMs can use this material to make their medieval and early modern fantasy worlds richer, weirder and more immersive.

‘Realistic’ Medieval Character Generation (MongTrav)

Inspired by the idea of a ‘realistic medieval RPG’ as mentioned here: http://www.gamespot.com/articles/mafia-creator-reveals-open-world-medieval-rpg-for-next-gen-consoles/1100-6416823/ After all, where else did you die during character creation?

holygrailRealistic Medieval Character Generation for MongTrav

Step One: Statistics

Roll Social Standing First 2d6

2-7: Serf
8-9: Freeman/Guildsman
10: Clergy
11+: Nobility or Clergy – Choose

Serfs and Freemen:

Strength, Dexterity & Endurance: 2d6-(1d6-1).
Intelligence: 2d6-1
Education: 1d6


All statistics 2d6


Education: 2d6-1
All others 2d6

Massacre-of-the-InnocentsStep Two: Infant Mortality

Roll 2d6. Add +1 if Freeman or Clergy, +2 if Nobility

2-7: You die while an infant. Roll a D6, on a 1-2 it was when you were born, on a 1 you took your mother with you.
8-9: You suffer a terrible injury or illness during childhood. Roll on the childhood injury table.
10+: You survive to adulthood.

Childhood Injury

Roll 2d6 and lose 1d6 from the statistic.

2 Social Standing (Disfigurement and injury has a negative effect)
3 Education (Learning disability/memory problems)
4 Intelligence
5 Dexterity
6 Strength
7 Endurance
8 Strength
9 Dexterity
10 Intelligence
11 Education (Learning disability/memory problems)
12 Social Standing (Disfigurement and injury has a negative effect)

If this takes a statistic to zero, you’re dead.

Medieval-monk-writingStep Three: Literacy

Clergy are automatically literate.

All others must roll 2d6. +1 for Freemen, +2 for Nobility

2-7: Illiterate.
8-9: Very basic literacy.
10+: Fully literate.

Step Four: Background Skills

Serfs/Freemen: Animals 0, Survival 0, Trade 0, Archery 0.
Clergy: Administration 0, Language (Latin) 0, Advocate 0.
Nobility: Leadership 0, Language (French or Latin) 0, Melee 0, Archery 0.

Step Five: Terms

At this point you are fourteen years old. Terms last four years and you roll twice to see what skills you get. There’s no promotions or mustering out. You are what you are. Failed survival rolls result in a roll on the childhood injury table.


2 Deception +1
3 Carouse +1
4 Animals +1
5 Athletics +1
6 Athletics +1
7 Animals +1
8 Deception +1
9 Carouse +1
10 Animals +1
11 Gambling +1
12 Endurance or Strength +1
Survival: Endurance 6+


2 Administration +1
3 Athletics +1
4 Art +1
5 Broker +1
6 Animals +1
7 Guild Appropriate Skill (Nothing outside your guild’s remit) +1
8 Guild Appropriate Skill (Nothing outside your guild’s remit) +1
9 Gambler +1
10 Deception +1
11 Carouse +1
12 Any Statistic +1
Survival: Endurance 5+


2 Animals +1
3 Carouse +1
4 Art +1
5 Advocate +1
6 Leadership +1
7 Administration +1
8 Deception +1
9 Diplomat +1
10 Language +1
11 Gambler +1
12 Education +1
Survival: Intelligence 4+


2 Animals +1
3 Advocate +1
4 Administration +1
5 Athletics +1
6 Art +1
7 Language +1
8 Leadership +1
9 Diplomat +1
10 Deception +1
11 Carouse +1
12 Social Standing +1
Survival: Social Standing 4+


Any character can choose to take a criminal term instead of their normal term, if they want.

2 Advocate +1
3 Athletics +1
4 Animal +1
5 Carouse +1
6 Deception +1
7 Stealth +1
8 Gambler +1
9 Melee +1
10 Archery +1
11 Persuade +1
12 Dexterity or Intelligence +1
Survival: Dexterity 7+, failure indicates that you’re put to death. If Clergy or Nobility you can try to succeed a second time on Social Standing 7+, if you fail this time you take an injury from punishment. Otherwise you get off scot free.

End of Term

1. Make your plague check by rolling 1d6. First term 1-3: You die of plague. Second term 1-2: You die of plague. Third term: 6: You die of plague. If you live past your third term, you’re not going to die of plague.
2. Roll to see if you’re called to military service. Clergy are exempt. On a 1-2 you go to war. Gain +1 to one of the following skills of your choice: Melee, Archery, Animals, Survival. Make another survival test, Endurance 7+ and take an injury if you fail.

Other notes:

Aging effects start at age 30.

Good luck surviving that!