#TTRPG Wightchester Full Scale Map

The PDF version has a lower-resolution map, so for those who want it here’s the overall city map.

#RPG – June Update & New TShirt!

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#RPG – Map of Gor

210437To accompany the Tales of Gor and World of Gor books we commissioned a map but, unfortunately, there was no room in the books to present it and putting it on the covers would have caused problems.

You can download it HERE.gor_slavegirl_alpha

You can buy a print HERE.


Mass Effect: After the Relays go BOOM!

Here’s the systems map with overlaid white circles showing how far you can get with top-end conventional FTL drive in six months, and a year respectively. Which is a good way of showing which clusters can hook back up and form pockets of civilisation. Learning the secret of the Reaper Drives would double the range or halve the time but really someone’s got to crack the secret of the relays to bring back full-on galactic civilisation.

Multi-System power blocs with the resources and personnel to re-ignite galactic society might emerge at:

1: Hawking Eta, Ninmah Cluster, Nimbus Cluster, Styx Theta, Caleston Rift.
2. Armstrong Nebula, Nubian Expanse.
3. Attican Beta, Hades Gamma, Artemis Tau
4. Local Cluster, Arcturus Stream.
5. Crescent Nebula, Eagle Nebula.