Maksa-Jazra – Cultures

Cultures replace the more normal racial options. These are examples/ideas and by no means exhaustive. A culture provides a +1 bonus to one Stat, a -1 penalty to another and either access to a skill you would not normally be able to get (from your class) OR a +1 bonus to a skill – if it’s a basic skill or one you have access to from your class.

Plus Minus Culture Skill
Charisma Constitution Civilised Mercantile Craft
Charisma Dexterity Nomadic Herders Bushcraft
Charisma Intelligence Simple Settlers Land Lore
Charisma Strength Decadent Lore (Blank)
Charisma Wisdom Wandering Traders Bushcraft
Constitution Charisma Insular Barbarians Bushcraft
Constitution Dexterity Settled Herders Bushcraft
Constitution Intelligence Primitive Theocracy Spirituality
Constitution Strength Swamp Dweller Bushcraft
Constitution Wisdom Primitives Bushcraft
Dexterity Charisma Insular Woodsmen Bushcraft
Dexterity Constitution Hunter Gatherers Bushcraft
Dexterity Intelligence Fleet Nomads Bushcraft
Dexterity Strength Civilised Crafters Craft
Dexterity Wisdom Civilised Explorers Alchemy/Tinker
Intelligence Charisma Civilised Scholars Lore (Any)
Intelligence Constitution Cerebral Thinkers Lore (Any)
Intelligence Dexterity Philosophers Lore (Any)
Intelligence Strength Ruling Technocrats Lore (Any)
Intelligence Wisdom Scientific Elite Alchemy/Craft
Strength Charisma Bestial Raiders Deadly Strike
Strength Constitution Mudlarks & Toshers Search
Strength Dexterity Brutal Raiders Deadly Strike
Strength Intelligence Vicious Primitives Bushcraft
Strength Wisdom Piratical Raiders Search
Wisdom Charisma Theocratic Elite Spirituality
Wisdom Constitution Lonely Islanders Bushcraft
Wisdom Dexterity Decadent Religious Caste Spirituality
Wisdom Intelligence Mystic Tribe Spirituality
Wisdom Strength Lotus Eaters Spirituality


Maksa-Jazra: Mark of the Psion

All psionic characters are marked by taint. Non-Psions with taint are killed at birth within the Empire but amongst the tribes taint is more common.

When creating a free-tribe character roll d10.

1-7: No taint.
8-9: Roll one taint.
10: Roll two taints.

Psions begin play with two taints. Roll d100.

1. Always bleeding (from eyes, nose, mouth etc) -1 Con, -1 Cha.
2. Fanged – Can bite as a close combat attack for d4 damage.
3. Crab claw (roll for which hand, left or right), reduce dex by -1, can attack for D4 damage. -1 Cha.
4. Cyclops, reduce Wis by -1, -1 Cha.
5. Fungal symbiote – covered in growths and filaments, -1 Cha.
6. Insect infestation – they live inside and outside you. -1 Cha.
7. Ever-rotting, -1 Con, -1 Cha, +2 hp.
8. Slimy – You are covered with a dripping mucous that pours from your pores. +1 AC, -1 Cha.
9. Venomous – Your hand to hand attacks force a Save Vs Poison or they suffer an extra D6 damage.
10. Poisonous – Anything biting you or tasting your blood or flesh must make a Save Vs Poison or suffer d6 damage.
11. Tentacle – One arm is replaced by a tentacle. -1 Cha.
12. Psychedelic – Your skin and hair are a mass of swirling chromataphores. +1 AC.
13. Mist – You are surrounded by a mist that your body gives off and gain +1 AC vs ranged attacks.
14. Electrical – You constantly hum and crackle with power. Bare handed attacks or those with metal weapons do +1d6 damage, but anything you touch is charged/burnt/electrified.
15. Bioluminescent – You glow with a dim light. You may not use Stealth in darkness.
16. Wreathed in Shadow – Your shadows are deeper and larger than others. +1 Stealth.
17. Smoke – You are constantly surrounded by writhing, choking smoke. +2 AC vs ranged attacks.
18. Sticky – Your touch is tacky and gooey, clinging to things. +1 Climb.
19. Antennae – +1 Wisdom, -1 Charisma.
20. Unnatural beauty – +1 Charisma.
21. Extra arm – +1 Strength, +1 Dexterity, -1 Charisma.
22. Bestial appearance – +1 Strength, +1 Constitution, -2 Charisma.
23. Barkflesh – Part plant, you are tough and woody. +1 Con, +1 AC, -1 Charisma.
24. Musical – Every movement creates chimes and sounds. You may not have Stealth.
25. Claws – Your hands end in wicked talons that can attack for 1d4 damage. -1 Charisma. -1 Dexterity.
26. Third Eye. +1 Wisdom, +1 Psi Point, -1 Charisma.
27. Wet – You are always dripping wet, your skin clammy and damp. -1 Charisma.
28. Feathered – Instead of hair you have feathers like a bird. -1 Charisma.
29. Burning – You are aflame and cannot wear clothing, only metal armour. Anything hitting you takes 1hp of damage, anything you hit takes +1 hp of damage. -1 Charisma.
30. Webbed – You have webbed hands and feet. -1 Charisma.
31. Furry – You are covered in soft, downy fur. -1 Charisma.
32. Giant – You are eight feet tall (ten if you roll this twice). +1 Str, +1 Con, -1 Charisma, -1 Dexterity.
33. Symbiotic Plant – Tendrils of greenery and flowers grow through your flesh. -1 Charisma.
34. Exaggerated/missing genitals. Roll 1d6 1-3 exaggerated, 4-6 missing. -1 Charisma.
35. Horn/s – You have a sharp horn protruding from your head. d6 damage, -1 Charisma.
36. Extra leg. -1 Charisma. Somewhat clumsy and unwieldy, movement reduced to 3/4.
37. Cold – You are icy cold, your breath misting. Anything hitting you takes 1 hp of damage, any of your attacks do +1 damage. -1 Charisma.
38. Cancerous lumps – You are covered in unsightly growths. -2 Charisma.
39. Missing limb – 1-3 arm, 4-6 leg, 1-3 left, 4-6 right. -1 Dex or 1/2 movement.
40. Twisted – Your limbs and flesh are twisted and deformed. -1 to a physical stat of your choice. -2 Charisma.
41. Covered in mouths – That chatter and whisper blasphemies. -2 Charisma.
42. Maw – Your mouth is full of fangs and your jaw can detach. You can bite for 1d6 damage. Cha -1.
43. Probe – In place of a mouth you have a long proboscis, you can only feed by drinking. -2 Charisma.
44. Stony Flesh – You grind and drip dust as you move. +2 AC, -1 Charisma.
45. Scaled – You are bald and covered in tough, flexible scales. +1AC, -1 Charisma.
46. Tail – Just a floppy, wagging tail. -1 Charisma.
47. Prehensile tail – A tail that can grip and move to balance you. +1 Climb.
48. Shelled – Your back and chest are covered in a hardy shell into which you can withdraw. +2/+4 AC (withdrawn), -2 Charisma.
49. Stinking – You have a foul smell. AC +1 in close combat against enemies with a sense of smell. -1 Wisdom, -2 Charisma.
50. Weeping Sores: -2 Charisma, -1 Constitution.
51. Mirrored – You have a shiny, reflective skin.
52. Spines – You are covered in spines that do d4 damage to anyone who hits you. -1 Charisma.
53. Sting – Somewhere in your body you have a sting. It can attack for d4 damage and force a save Vs poison or inflict an extra d6 damage.
54. Striped.
55. Spotted.
56. Pure black skin.
57. Pure white skin.
58. Red skin.
59. Orange skin.
60. Yellow skin.
61. Green skin.
62. Blue skin.
63. Purple skin.
64. Living Skeleon: your skin and flesh are tight to your bones. -1 Str, -1 Con, -2 Cha.
65. Extra nipple/breast.
66. Barbed: You are covered in hooked thorns like a rose. 1 hp of damage to anyone hitting you in close combat, -1 Cha
67. Wings – Non functional but can help break your fall. -1 Cha. Roll this twice and you can glide (but still not fly).
68. Transparent flesh: -2 Cha.
69. Blurred: You are hard to see, your image a blurry smear. +2 AC, -2 Cha.
70. Diseased: Anyone you touch must make a Save Vs Poison or fall ill, losing -2 Con for a week.
71. Flaky skin: You constantly have dry flakes of skin falling from your flesh. -2 Cha.
72. Bony nubs – Your skeleton grows out in body ‘balls’ that push against the skin. +1 AC, -1 Charisma.
73. Levitate – You hover an inch about the ground.
74. Conjoined Twin – A foetus attached, prominently to your flesh. Sometimes it wakes up.
75. Glowing eyes -1 Charisma.
76. Patterned skin.
77. Covered in eyes, -2 Charisma, +2 Wisdom.
78. Swollen skull: -2 Charisma +1 Intelligence.
79. Constant pain: -2 con, +5 hp.
80. Choral voice.
81. Hunchback: -1 Cha.
82. Dwarfism: -1 Con, -1 Str, -1 Cha, considered ‘small’.
83. Rapid growing hair: At least six feet long if not cut every day.
84. Unusual hair colour: d10: 1-white, 2-black, 3-red, 4-orange, 5-yellow, 6-green, 7-blue, 8-purple, 9-transparent, 10-roll twice.
85. Glowing halo.
86. Cloven hooves: -1 Cha, no need for shoes.
87. Mute.
88. Deaf.
89. Dumb.
90. Blind.
91. Grotesquely obese. Half movement, +2 Con, +1 Strength, -2 Charisma.
92. Assymetrical: Your body is larger/different on one side than the other. Reduce Charisma by -1, reduce one physical stat by -1 and increase another by +1.
93. Pheromones: +2 Cha.
94. Bat ears: +1 Wis, -1 Cha.
95. Camouflage skin: +1 Stealth.
96. Hideous aspect: -2 Charisma.
97. Night vision: Big cat eyes, can see in low-light conditions. +1 Wisdom.
98. Metal skin: 3/4 movement, +3 AC.
99. Twisted regeneration: Wounds heal with cancerous growths. You must constantly ‘trim’ your flesh. Regeneration 1 hp per turn. -2 Charisma.
100. Perfected Gift of the Changing God: +1 to all stats.

Maksa-Jazra: Skills

Alchemy: Appropriate ingredients allow the production – successfully with a roll – of alchemical materials. Acids, black powder, cures, purges, all are possible if you have the right ingredients. A single roll uses up one lot of ingredients, produces one dose and take an hour.

Architecture: See LOTFP.

Blinding Strike: All combat skills follow the same format. They are examples, suggestions. All such special attacks can be made by anyone, but at a penalty of -5. Ranks in the skill offsets that. As well as hitting the target – and doing half damage – the person attacked must also fail a saving throw to be afflicted. In this case, Save Vs Poison.

Bleeding Strike: Target must Save Vs Poison or suffer bleeding 1 hp per turn. Multiple bleeding wounds can be applied.

Bushcraft: See LOTFP.

Climb: See LOTFP

Craft (Blank): With access to appropriate materials, the character can try to make an item of the appropriate kind.

Deadly Strike: The ranks in this skill add to damage rolled.

Death Blow: A critical strike triggers a roll on this skill and if successful then the target makes a Save Vs Poison. If they fail they’re instantly killed.

Dodge: Every two points in this skill – rounding down – adds +1 to AC.

Honed Constitution: 6 points in this skill raises the stat by one and resets the skill to zero.

Honed Dexterity: 6 points in this skill raises the stat by one and resets the skill to zero.

Honed Intelligence: 6 points in this skill raises the stat by one and resets the skill to zero.

Honed Strength: 6 points in this skill raises the stat by one and resets the skill to zero.

Honed Wisdom: 6 points in this skill raises the stat by one and resets the skill to zero.

Land Lore: This skill represents knowledge of geography, lands and customs.

Languages: See LOTFP.

Lore (Blank): Any other arena of knowledge that a scholar might choose to have.

Monster Lore: Roll to get basic folkloric information about monsters.

Open Doors: See LOTFP

Paralysing Strike: Save Vs Paralyse or unable to move/act for a turn.

Search: See LOTFP.

Sleight of Hand: See LOTFP.

Sneak Attack: See LOTFP.

Spirituality: Roll this to get religious, spiritual insights and knowledge.

Stealth: See LOTFP.

Tinker: See LOTFP.

Toughness: Each rank in this skill adds +1hp.

Weapon Training: Great, medium, minor or ranged. Each rank provides +1 to hit with that class of weapon.

Basic Skills:

All characters start with 1/6 in Architecture, Bushcraft, Climb, Languages, Open Doors, Search, Sleight of Hand, Stealth and Tinker.

Maksa-Jazra: Character Creation

1. Roll ability scores (3d6 total, in order, one roll each stat.
2. Note bonuses from abilities.
3. Choose a Character Class (Fighter, Specialist, Scholar, Psionicist).
4. Determine starting equipment/money (no alignment).
5 Choose a name.

As normal for Lotfp but also gains 1 skill point per level.
Fighter Skills: Basic Skills+, Weapon Training, Honed Strength, Honed Dexterity, Honed Constitution, Death Blow, Deadly Strike, Sneak Attack, Toughness.

As normal for Lotfp, including skill points. Specialists can choose from ANY skills from any class.

(Yet to be made up, a new class, a cerebral skill-oriented character). Scholars start with three skill points and gain three per level.
Scholar Skills: Basic Skills+, Alchemy, Spirituality, Land Lore, Honed Intelligence, Honed Wisdom, Monster Lore.


Lotfp: Psionicist (Maksa-Jazra)

The Psionicist has a natural talent that goes beyond the normal bounds of physical reality. Their mind can reach out and alter the world in certain, interesting ways, but at a great cost in mental energy.

Psionicists are rare and are snapped up by the Royal Army for duty, or inducted into various Shamanistic paths as soon as they manifest their abilities. Virtually all Psionicists carry a physical stigma, a mark, a physical reflection of their mental difference.

Psionicists choose powers according to their level and can freely ‘cast’ them for a cost in Psi Points equal to the level of the ‘spell’. They have Psi Points equal to Level + Wisdom Bonus + Intelligence Bonus (minimum one).

1 – 0
2 – 1,750
3 – 3,500
4 – 7,000
5 – 14,000
6 – 28,000
7 – 56,000
8 – 112,000
9 – 224,000
10 – 336,000
11 – 448,000
12 – 560,000
13 – 672,000
14 – 784,000
15 – 896,000
16 – 1,008,000
17 – 1.120,000
18 – 1,232,000
19 – 1,344,000
20 – +112,000/Level

Hit Points
Level 1 – 1d6hp
Level 2-9 – +1d6hp
Level 10+ – +2hp

Saving Throws
As Magic User

Level – Psi 1/2/3/4/5/6/7
1 – 1
2 – 1
3 – 1/1
4 – 1/1
5 – 2/1
6 – 2/1
7 – 3/2/1
8 – 3/2/1
9 – 4/3/2/1
10 – 4/3/2/1
11 – 5/4/3/2/1
12 – 5/4/3/2/1
13 – 6/5/4/3/2/1
14 – 6/5/4/3/2/1
15 – 7/6/5/4/3/2/1
16 – 7/6/5/4/3/2/1
17 – 7/7/6/5/4/3/2
18 – 7/7/6/5/4/3/2
19 – 8/7/6/5/4/3/2
20 – 8/7/6/5/4/3/2

Skill Points
Psioncists gain 1 Skill Point per level

Skill List
Basic Skills +
Psi-Training (Extra Psi Points 1/1).
Honed Charisma
Honed Wisdom
Honed Intelligence

Psi Powers Level One
All psi-powers are described as the spells they’re taken from (reskinned). They require nothing more than conciousness and awareness of the target to be used (and Psi Points).

Psi Powers are divided by type – K (Kinetic), M (Mental), E (Energy), P (Physical) You must have one Psi power at the level below to get one at a higher level.

Bless (E)
Charm Person (M)
Command (M)
Comprehend Languages (M)
Cure Light Wounds (E)
Feather Fall (K)
Hold Portal (K)
Light (E)
Magic Missile (K)
Mending (K)
Message (M)
Purify Food & Drink (E)
Remove Fear (M)
Shield (K)
Sleep (M)
Spider Climb (P)

Psi Powers Level Two
Audible Glamer (M)
Augury (E)
Change Self (M)
Delay Poison (E)
Detect Invisible (M)
Enthrall (M)
Forget (M)
Heat Metal (K)
Heroism (E)
Invisibility (M)
Knock (K)
Levitate (K)
Light, Continual (E)
Mirror Image (M)
Ray of Enfeeblement (E)
Resist Cold (P)
Resist Fire (P)
Speak with Animals (M)

Psi Powers Level Three
Army of One (P)
Clairvoyance (M)
Cure Disease (E)
False Alignment (E)
Fly (K)
Haste (P)
Hold Person (M)
Protection from Normal Missiles (K)
Speak with Dead (M)
Suggestion (M)
Water Walk (K)

Psi Powers Level Four
Charm Monster (M)
Commune (M)
Confusion (M)
Creation – Minor (P)
Cure Serious Wounds (E)
Detect Lie (M)
Dig (K)
Dimension Door (E)
Divination (E)
Hallucinatory Terrain (M)
Invisibility, Improved (M)
Neutralise Poison (E)
Protection from Normal Weapons (K)
Speak with Plants (M)
Wall of Fire (K)
Wizard Eye (E)

Psi Powers Level Five
Contact Outer Sphere (M)
Creation – Major (P)
Cure Critical Wounds (E)
Feeblemind (M)
Hold Monster (M)
Quest (M)
Telekinesis (K)
Teleport (E)
True Seeing (M)
Wall of Force (K)

Psi Powers Level Six
Death Spell (E)
Disintegrate (K)
Geas (M)
Glass Eye (M)
Heal (P)
Mind Switch (M)
Projected Image (M)
Speak With Monsters (M)
Mass Suggestion (M)
Tongues (M)

Psi Powers Level Seven
Control Weather (E)
Earthquake (K)
Grasping Hand (K)
Part Water (K)
Phase Door (E)
Power Word Stun (M)
Remote Surveillance (M)
Vision (E)

Lamentations Musings

I took this week and last week off to relax a bit and to prepare for my driving theory test (passed, thank you). Starting next week I’ll be working more on my fiction than on gaming stuff. That may – oddly – mean you’ll see more things coming out from me for  while as what I do write will be shorter projects (to keep things ticking over) and various other projects will be coming to an end.

Separate to that I haven’t given up on the idea of Machinations of the Space Princess but I think I need to testbed a few ideas first. I’m thinking of doing so via a fantasy-science (rather than science fantasy) hexcrawl/setting and putting a few of my rules adjustments out there to get some feedback.

‘Old School’ doesn’t mean much to me, I didn’t start with D&D and so I don’t quite have the same sensibility as the OSR. Raggi’s work is as much about attitude as mechanics though, about strong ideas and help in applying them and that’s something I can relate to.

Lamentations of the Flame Princess already deals with many of my existing issues with D&D clones and old school games. It’s a lot deadlier, it has a simple but usable skill system and an attitude towards improvisation and individual monsters that works very well.

I’m a fiddler though, I can’t help it. I still have a few issues. Race-as-class isn’t something I like, I think the skill system could stretch a bit further and I think some guidelines on ‘stunts’ and manoeuvres to give a few more options than ‘I hit it with my axe’ isn’t something that would hurt. It’d all be optional anyway.

So, for this hexcrawl setting I’d need to think about what I might change for Maksa-Jazra (the setting name).

1. Character Classes

Ditch the Cleric, Magic User, Dwarf, Elf, Halfling. Keep the Fighter and the Specialist. Add the Psionicist and Scholar. Rather than racial classes I’m thinking cultural/racial – in a human societal sense – minor modifiers.

2. Skills

The ones that are already there make a great ‘basic’ skill list, but if you’re removing some of the magic etc then I think you need to compensate by introducing some extra skills limited either by class or to the specialist (who can have anything). I’m thinking a few things like Alchemy, Craft, Healing, Psi Training, Learning. I also want to expand fighter’s combat capabilities with a few Fighter-centric skills to help guide/define/describe special attacks and so forth. Similar to Sneak Attack but a bit more broad. Things like Weapon Training, Combat Power, Trip, Parry, Knock-Out, Death Blow, Toughness, Disarm, Stun, Sniper, Deadly Aim and so on. Specialists would get 4+2 per level, other characters would get 1 skill point per level and Scholars might get 2+2 per level.

3. Equipment

Just want to add some refined black-powder weapons, but not much more for this.

4. Psionics

Keep things simple, character level + psi skill +Will/Int bonus for ‘power points’, and level of power is the cost to ‘cast’ in power points. The ‘spell list’ needs to be reduced down and limited though and would be combined and reskinned Mage/Cleric spells from the list.

5. Creatures & Twists

Most enemies would be human, but a basic bestiary of dangerous animals is always a good thing and I want to throw some random mutations in there too. So you can have nasty, horrible mutant animals and people who are ‘twists’ too.