Mass Effect Part Five: Mako

The Mako is the workhorse APC of the Alliance Marines. A compromise design with no singular purpose it is hopelessly outclassed by more specialist vehicles suited for their particular environment, is heavy, clumsy and cramped but is adaptable and much better suited than its predecessor.

Size: 8

Crew: 2 (driver/gunner)
Passengers: 0-5 (typically a squad of Alliance Marines + gear)

Movement Systems
Ground Speed: Top Speed 180 kph – Improved Off-Road Ability
Jump Jets: The Mako can jump some 5 metres into the air using its thrusters.
Maneuver -2
Deployment Range: 1000km w/out maintenance.

Armour: 20/40/60 (TAC)
Shields: 70 (TAC)

Turret w/155mm Mass Cannon and Coaxial MG – limited depression, 360 degree arc, vertical elevation.
MG: Range 1/2/4/8 (TAC), Dam x3 (TAC), Acc 0, ROF +4
Mass Cannon: 5/10/20/40 (TAC), Dam x14 (TAC), Acc +0, ROF 0,

Fire Control: 0
Sensors: +2 (Radar Laser detection array, geological sensors, mine detector)
Comms: -1 (Military comm w/scramble) – Range – 10km, Orbital Uplink.

Element Zero Core compensates for individual planetary gravity.

Hazardous Environment Protection Vs: Heat, cold, high gravity (up to 3g compensation), vacuum, radiation.

Life Support
No Fuel Required – on board fusion plant.