Mass Effect Part Five: Krogan

The Krogan are a race of bulky, reptillian humanoids with a passing resemblance to Terran tortoises – though they are anything but slow. Their homeworld, Tuchanka, is a radioactive wasteland due to the Krogan’s history of atomic warfare a full four thousand years ago, but still not overcome.

The Krogan were reduced to a primitive, tribal state until the Salarian’s discovered them during their explorations. The Salarian’s helped lift them back up to – and beyond – their original technical prowess and gave them access to more resources and space to expand. The Krogan repaid this generosity with ferocious warfare on the behalf of the Council races against the Rachni who, otherwise, might have overwhelmed galactic civilisation.

Ironically the Krogan in term became a threat as their adaptation to the harsh environment and constant warfare on Tuchunka had left them with a fast breeding and maturation rate and a bottomless lust for territory and power. The Krogan rebelled and a new, bloody war took place, something that leads to tension between the Krogan and the Turians to this day.

This threat was struck a blow by a genetically engineered disease, the Genophage, which caused near-sterilisation of the Krogan, reducing their successful birth rate to ‘sustainable’ levels. The Krogan are a dying race despite the aim of the Genophage, leaving their homeworld in droves to fight as mercenaries, bandits and pirates to try and earn their place and attract the attention of the more fertile females.

The Krogan are evolved to survive. Despite their aggression and their omnivorous diet – with a particular love for fish – they resemble prey species. Wide set eyes give them good peripheral vision and they are covered with natural armour plating and leathery skin.

Massive shoulder humps store fluids and nutrients against future shortages and the Krogan can survive extended periods without needing food or water. A larger hump is indicative of social standing and a healthy and stocked up Krogan can go a month without the need to eat.

As well as their natural armour the Krogan are highly resistant to poison, radiation and extremes of heat and cold. They can eat and drink things that would harm or even kill other species, rancid, rotton or toxic. Krogan have redundant biology, two hearts, four lungs and four testicles. They also have a whole back-up nervous system, making them all but impossible to paralyse or knock out. Krogan live for centuries and unless they die in battle can live for well over a thousand years.

Krogan stand seven feet tall on average and in their armour can weight a ton or more. Biotic development is rare but honed to a high degree of power when present.

Krogan Clans

Drau, Forsan, Ganar, Gatatog, Hailot, Jorgal, Jurdon, Nakmor, Quash, Raik, Ravanor, Urdnot, Weyrloc.

Krogan Stats

After buying statistics modify them as follows:
AGI -1, BLD +2, CRE -1, FIT +2, INF -1, KNO -1, PER -1

After buying skills modify them as follows:
Notice +1

  • Krogan have a natural armour of 10, before adding any more armour.
  • Krogan regenerate health but cannot regrow scars or missing limbs.
  • Krogan Health tests to be knocked out are unmodified.
  • Krogan are considered to have constant medical aid even when they are not recieving it.
  • With medical aid Krogan heal Flesh Wounds in one day, Deep wounds in one week.