Interview with me on ‘It Came from the Cubicle’

I was interviewed about various bits and pieces for Cubicle 7’s podcast ‘It came from the Cubicle’.
You can listen to my dulcet tones and marvel at how posh I sound HERE

RPGBOMB – Interview/Chat Log

This was fun, I’d do it again. Hopefully a bit better organised next time though!

Worth it just for the Cthulhu Confectionary…

RPGBOMB – Interview/Chat Reminder

I’ll be on there from 2am UK time tonight, and probably tripping my tits off on sleep deprivation poisons, so it’s probably a good time to ask me about, well, anything.

Open Interview

After I finish a project I generally take a day or two off to unwind. I’m off to the 4th Edition launch party in London tomorrow so need to rest up anyway (travel can be hectic) so for something to fill the day in a relaxing way, here’s an open opportunity to ask me some questions about my games, about design or anything else Postmortem related you’d like to ask about.

Fire away!