#RPG – #My30dayworld – What Event in Your World Altered its History?


Many games have cataclysmic events in their pasts and the same is true even of fantasy and scientific settings that have not been made into games. Even Discworld has an apocalyptic past, best covered in Sourceror, and these events allow for all sorts of interesting things like ruins, dungeons, mutations, magical artefacts and so forth, all traced back to that singular event…

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#Gamergate Book Crowdfunder

InsideGG.jpgGamergate was many things to many people, depending on their perspective. For some it was a harassment campaign, even terrorism, for others a key fight for ethics, against censorship.

Sadly the prior view had all the mainstream attention and is likely to be the only point of view that will go into the long term record.

It’s important, for posterity, to present and record the other side.

I was part of Gamergate. I want to tell it’s own story. I want to correct the record.