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The History Farce Guide to Georgian Slang

Is now available and a useful resource for anyone with games set in this sort of period as well as being dashed useful for Courtesans, Tough Justice and so on.

EPub (RPGNOW version)

Kittiwake Classics also now has a store at Table Warfare where you can buy miniatures themed around the various worlds Ian has contributed to as well as get bargain bundle deals of books with miniatures. These work out as cheaper than getting them from lulu and they come signed with shiny metal minis!

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Tough Justice Defendant Mr Grey

Name: Mr Tom Grey (Tomasin Gry)

Age: 52

Profession: Gypsy

Good At: Horses and Painting.


  • Authority: 1
  • Jibe: 5
  • Charm: 5
  • Investigation: 2
  • Violence: 4
  • Composure: 1

Merit: Acid Tongue

Flaw: Incomprehensible -1 penalty on any rolls where he gives evidence or speaks due to his thick accent.

Professional Advantage: Prosecution Bonus +10 Case Points

Crime: Impersonating a Chelsea Pensioner

Tom Grey is a wanderer, chancer, horse-trader, odd-job man, painter and decorator. Little more than an odd job man really, though he knows his horses. He’s known to not be beyond a scam and a wheel-and-deal from time to time but this time, with his family moving past London, he seems to have taken it a step too far.

Somehow he got hold of a Chelsea Pensioner’s get-up and – wearing it – engaged in begging and drunkenly making a fool of himself in public. His family and other gypsies are up in arms and aren’t inclined to accept the justice of city society however this turns out. The bias is very much against the suspect, whether his intentions were amiable and joking or not. He’s also suspected of the theft… not that anyone has bothered to check with the pensioner who had his clothes stolen.

This seems pretty much like an open and shut case for the prosecution and the hangman can start practising his knots. There may be some public disorder if the man hangs though and it does seem a petty offence to kill someone over.

Ian’s Updates

Tough Justice