Gangworld – Fuckin’ Fairies – Released

“The sun shines on our friends. The rain chills our foes.”

The Fucking Faeries is one of the most sophisticated criminal organizations in the kingdom. These corrupt faeries exploit their Seelie Court connections to control local weather and natural phenomena, and their Unseelie Court connections to kidnap, assassinate, and spy from the shadows.

Now with added OGL type crunchy bits. Mmmm, good for what ails ya.


Gangworld – The Sons – Released

“We are the sons of dragons. We take orders from no one!”

Officially, the Sons of the Dragon are a mutual aid group created to assist draconian immigrants in starting new lives in mixed-race cities. The Sons run Dragon Heritage Centers that offer free daycare for hatchlings of all colors, employ medics who specialize in draconian anatomy, promote awareness of draconian history and pride, and battle racism, prejudice, and discrimination by mammals.

Unofficially, the Sons is one of the most violent gangs in the kingdom, mixing dragon supremacist views with ruthless criminal enterprises.

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Gangworld – Dark Dominatrixes – RELEASED!

You may have dicks, but we’re the ones holding them.”
Headed by drow POWs who have served their terms,
this all-female gang poses as dealers in exotic vices
and forbidden pleasures, while hiding a much darker
and deadlier secret . . .

Systemless inspiration for darker, more street-oriented fantasy games or to add a little local colour to fantasy cities.

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