AFTER you’ve dumped money into Machinations of the Space Princess you could do worse than give your spare change to this project…

A group of Israeli writers and artists are working on a cheeky new game called RATS! They are presently running an IndieGoGo campaign (IGG is like Kickstarter, only for non-Americans) to support our game. The head writer is Uri, whom you might remember from the work he’s done for Wizards of the Coast, Paizo Publishing and Mongoose Publishing.

RATS! is about the most amazing thing the media is not telling you about – the great rat rebellion known as the “grand awakening”. No, you’re not playing a fearless investigator uncovering a nefarious plot against mankind. You’re a rat, yes a rat, scheming for humanity’s downfall from the sewers. In addition to a demented setting, RATS! also boasts innovative game mechanics (e.g. mutations and mutilations damage/recovery) and the pack campaign, in which you take on the role of an entire pack instead of a single ratty hero.