#RPG [Review] Fantasy Coins

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I got some Fantasy Coins to review (get them here).

If you’re in the UK you can get them here.

The fact that they now have a UK warehouse means that the kickstarter shipping costs and VAT are no longer a huge issue. Their latest Kickstarter (a good way to get a bargain) is here and has ten days to go.

TL;DL (too long, didn’t listen)…

The sets I was provided with to review (three of them) are $13.99 and contain ten gold, ten silver and ten copper coins. Obviously that’s not really enough to use for a game or LARP, especially since most games work on a 1 gold to 10 silver to 100 copper exchange rate. Clearly that’s not a practical thing to do as a pack – to have them in proportion – so equal mixing seems like a good way to go about things. You can also buy packs of 30 of any denomination separately.

The coins have a pretty good heft, somewhere between heavier British coins and lighter European coins, probably about equivalent to the larger American coins in terms of the feel in the hand. They feel weighty enough to be ‘real’ coins, which is nice. Size-wise, the copper is about the size of a British tuppence and the silver and gold are about the size of a British £2 coin. The colouring is more like brass, tin, bronze and the silver and gold could stand to be a bit shinier, but you can tell them apart and they have a sense of being ‘used’.

The company also produces non-standard coins in a variety of shapes and is branching out into prop gemstones, ingots and other coinage and materials.

If you’ve got the disposable income these are great props and I think they’d be especially good for LARPs or as replacement money counters for board games like Cadwallon: City of Thieves to have a bit more fun around the table. If you’re after a good bargain on a lot of coins backing a Kickstarter (which they do fairly often) will give you an opportunity to pick up a job-lot of coins relatively cheaply.

What I’d like to see the company do would be to introduce paper currency for modern and science fiction games and perhaps to start offering hard plastic versions of their coins as a more affordable alternative for those who need a larger supply at a more affordable price. They’ve got the quality and the contacts, so maybe that’s a possibility.

Style: 4
Substance: 4
Overall: 4
Conclusion: Expensive but cool thing. If you can afford them, it’s probably worth it.