Fistful of Fantasy 3 – RELEASED!

From the author of the ‘100’ series of Adventure Seeds books, a new, shorter form source of inspiration for Games Masters. They might be adventures, non-player-characters, monsters, places… all ready to be dropped into your fantasy campaign, regardless of system.

In this booklet:

Oh, that’s just Offal!: Poor city planning places alchemical and magical shops near to the butchers. With horrific results…

Behind, with a Dagger: The King’s fair queen is behind him all the way, but perhaps it is only so she can more easily stab him in the back.

All that Glitters: Just how DO you get a big dragon into a dungeon when all the corridors are so small and how does he get out?

When the Levee Breaks: Weather magic can be a fearsome weapon in the wrong hands, as can the otherwise laughable tribes of the swamps. Less ‘Hell Comes to Frogtown’ and more ‘Frogs Come to Helltown’.

Fort Graven: The greatest fortress ever made was said to be protected even from death itself. To be truly impregnable nothing can get in… or out.

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