#RPG – Actual Fucking Monsters – Some Clarification

Hello all,

I figure I might do a companion booklet for AFM, with some rules variations, clarifications and ideas. Ideas for longer, ongoing campaigns, ideas for playing as hunters, rather than monsters, some new Monster Powers people have suggested and so on.

If there’s something you’d like to see covered, leave a comment here on or social media and I’ll see what I can do for you here, before I fully put it together for the companion.

Here’s a few things that have come up from readers and players already…


Apparently this wasn’t clear enough, but Slippage (the physical/material manifestation of your powers and Monster nature) kicks in involuntarily when your Satiation drops below a certain level. Place the slippage from each power in order (typically from least to most obvious manifestation) matching to each die type of satiation from the bottom up.

d4 – Cloud of Sulpherous Mist.
d6 – Fanged maw.
d8 – Red skin


Most of the time it’s anticipated that your Mask describes your human ‘cover story’, or what you do or did before you became or Monster, or besides being a Monster. Some Monsters might feel that they no longer need a cover identity or can do without one, or were never really human in the first place.

In those instances a standard Mask might not be appropriate. Masks don’t have to be these human identities or tasks, you can use them in these instances, like a secondary nature, or to describe what kind of Monster you are in some more explicit terms.

Example: Mr Thinner is a manifestation echo of The Slender Man. He has never been human and in addition to his Stalker Nature, he decides to take Sinister as his Mask, with the skills Intimidation, Stealth and Persuasive under it.

New Power – Dormancy

You can subside into a state of hibernation or dormancy and rest, maintaining your Satiation for longer but rendering you – to all intents and purposes – comatose until the end of your dormancy. Depending on the power level you can awake (and roll for Satiation loss) every 5/6/8/10/12 days, or part thereof decided by you when you hibernate. While dormant you are insensible (until and unless harmed) and cannot defend yourself. Your metabolic activity, body heat and so on are also virtually imperceptible during this time.

Slippage: Slabs of body fat, coated in webbing, mucous ooze, chitinous fragments.

Haemoglobin – Blood! Notes

GMing Tips for Blood!
Blood! is a rules-heavy game, which can be a bit daunting in this modern age of rules-lite games that don’t take anywhere near as much preparation. It’s a percentile based game with a lot to keep track of, if you choose to track everything. People seem to feel that this might detract from the horror aspect, which is something that I don’t feel is entirely fair.

  • Scarcity – A lot of survival games on consoles and computers play up scarcity as a means of ramping up tension. For them it’s about ammunition and health packs, in Blood! It’s about hit points and blood points. The fact that they’re relatively scant and can be annihilated fairly rapidly means you can use the statistics as a tool to intensify tension, horror and risk.
  • Kill the bastards – Do NOT be afraid to kill characters. Indeed it’s hard not to in Blood! Even if you’re playing a campaign, kill, be ruthless, it’s a horror game. That’ll make those lucky survival moments all the better.
  • Improvise – There’s rules for a lot, but once you get a handle on what damage things tend to do it’s really just percentile roles. You can pull that out of your arse no problem.
  • Smoke & Mirrors – You don’t need as much prep as you think – Use average stats for monsters and NPCs and just change how you describe things. Shift five percent around here and there, bump up or down HP from the average standard and you’ve got as much change as you really need.
  • Use the Crits as a Guide – Blood!’s critical hits are notorious, gory and cover a hell of a lot of ground, but even so they will get repetitious after a while. Use the descriptions and the kinds of wounds as a guide rather than an absolute. Keep the mechanics and switch up the descriptions a bit.

Official Errata

  • Clarification: A character can hold up to double their base actions in actions, or 5 actions, whichever is highest. EG: Derek has 2 base actions and can hold up to a maximum of 5. Sara has 3 actions and can hold up to a maximum of 6.
  • Official Rules Change: If you have extra actions you may spend them to increase your chance to hit by +10% per extra action.

This rules change will be incorporated into Blood!: Hell on Earth and Blood!: Star Shock, when these eventually come out.