Crowdsourcing: Northwest Americana


Oh great and powerful Interwubz I beseech thee for help,

I’m working on a thing that centres on small-town America, specifically in the Pacific Northwest. My experience of America is limited to films and a handful of American cities. While I want to retain a filmic feel I want to modernise and update a bit at the same time and make things a bit more genuinely relatable.

Can you help?

  • What sort of businesses and services would you find?
  • How does local medical care work? Clinics? Individual doctors?
  • What sort of crime and local legends are there?
  • Climate?
  • Street names?
  • What kind of work do people do? Are there still ‘one business towns’?
  • What pieces of old Americana remain? Ice cream/soda parlours?
  • Local mechanics?
  • Small shops or just a 7/11 or a gas station store?
  • Do kids still go out ‘exploring’ and riding bikes?

Anything and everything you can come up with that you might think would be useful to me would be great.

MotSP: What gear & Weapons Would you like to see?

Samus.Aran.full.445460I have – provisionally – finished both the introduction and the character creation sections. Though both are still going to be subject to edits and changes and additions as I carry on. The next section to tackle is all the money, gear, equipment, armour, ships, vehicles and weapons.

D&D was in no small part a big success due to ripping off ideas left and right, hobbits and Vancian magic just being the most obvious. So I have absolutely no shame in ‘stealing’ ideas from all over the shop to put into MotSP.

What are some of your favourite devices, weapons, space ships, vehicles etc taken from Science Fiction/Science Fantasy comics, films, books and all points in between?

What have you seen in the genre that you thought was jaw-droppingly cool? What kinds of devices, doodads and weapons have you always wanted to see?

Splurge at me, I want to hear them ALL! Don’t worry if someone’s already mentioned them. Give me YOUR list of wicked-cool stuff.