Cosmic Encounter Alien: Healer

Rapid geological activity forced extreme biological diversifications on the Healer home world. Possessing vast knowledge of herbal and mutant lore, Healers are now prized by other beings for their life-sustaining skills. Amidst loud rejoicing over new health, who could deny their modest fee?



Notable Education +1

Healing Touch: Healer’s gain +1 to Animals (veterinary), Medic & Science (Biology) at the end of character generation.

Social standing is replaced by ‘Wisdom’.

Homeworld: Oosshanaa B988889-A Ga Ri

Starport B, 14.4k km, dense atmosphere, 80% water, hundreds of millions population, civil service bureaucracy, law level 9, tech level 10.


Healers have the following traits:

  • Life giver [Stunt] – With a touch a healer can remove stress from a target and place it upon themselves.
  • Supermind [Stunt] – Medical applications only.
  1. Bad eyesight: -2
  2. Weak to heat.


The swampy world of the Healers has its water distributed over its surface in many lakes, swamps and aquifers. The air is humid and everything is soft and wet. The atmosphere, thick with moisture and CO2 is perfect for growing plants and the whole planet is covered in thick and persistent growths from a multitude of highly evolved, highly specialised plant life that is very resilient and contains much in the way of complex chemistry. The Healers (Ullanoo) are part plant themselves and have a deep and innate understanding of the flows and complexities of life force and the chemistry of medicines.

Cosmic Encounter Alien: Hate

A short, physically unimposing race the Hate evolved in a crowded part of the cosmos and were pushed aside by other, more powerful races. Forced to subsist on food scraps and the leavings of the other species the Hate swore that one day they would be the ultimate power on the cosmic scene.


Feral: 1d6 Edu

Strong Characteristic: +2 Edu

Small: 1d6 Str, 1d6 End, 3d6 Dex

Hatred: The Hate do +1 damage with any weapon that they wield.

No Fine Manipulators

Homeworld: Gatt C442BA4-9 Hi In Pr Red

Starport C, 6.4k km, thin tainted atmosphere, 20% water, hundreds of billions population, charismatic dictator (messiah), law level 4, tech level 9.


Hate have the following traits:

  • Berserk [Stunt]: Hate can enter a rage for a scene which increases their physical rolls by +1 but reduces mental and social ones by -1.
  • Jump [Stunt]
  • Hard Hide [Stunt]
  1. No fine manipulation
  2. Weak to taunting/social manipulation


The Hate (Gatta) are a third rate species looked down on and bullied by much of the rest of the species in the universe. This has given them a cultural feeling of inadequacy and a simmering rage that has been building for centuries, now expressing itself in a great crusade of revenge. Berserk and hateful they might look comical, but they pack a hell of a punch once they attack.

Cosmic Encounter Alien: Hacker

Masters of technology, the Hackers have embedded various devices into their bodies in an attempt to improve their skills at computer fraud. Although geniuses when it comes to code breaking and decrypting data, Hackers aren’t much good in more conventional battle. However more than one would-be conqueror has learned to their sorrow that the Hackers have nasty ways of getting revenge.



Notable Intelligence & Education: +2

Small: Strength 1d6, Endurance 1d6, Dexterity 3d6

Cyber-Compatible: Cybernetic implants and computing devices of Hacker origin cost a Hacker half normal cost.

Compu-Brain: Hackers increase their Comms, Computer, Engineering (Electronics) & Sensors skills all by +1 at the end of character generation.

Homeworld: Stack A676A00-D Ga Hi Ht In Amber

Starport A, 9.6k km, standard tainted atmosphere, 60% water, tens of billions population, no government, no law, tech level 13.


Hackers have the following traits:

  • Small [Stunt]
  • Supermind [Science]
  • Supermind [Engineering]
  1. Weak to Electromagnetic attacks


Hackers are entranced by technology and have interwoven it into themselves at a very basic level. Given to extremely powerful and logical linear thinking they are born mathematicians and technicians and seemingly phobic of the natural world, perhaps given their difficult evolutionary history, the same history that gave them their powerful mentality and tool-using capabilities. Anarchic and libertarian the Hackers control much of the interstellar communication grid and collect a fast amount of data from other, more careless species.

Cosmic Encounter Aliens: Grudge

Suffering from a history of almost uninterrupted betrayal and disappointment, the originally kind Grudges gradually grew cynical. Expecting no good will from others, they began to brood and resolved to wreak vengeance on all who would turn aside their outstretched suction disc of friendship.




Large: 3d6 Str, 3d6 End, Dex 1d6

Notable Strength & Endurance: +2

Slow Metabolism: -2 Initiative, half life support.

Homeworld: Golt B463924-A

Starport B, 6.4k km, standard atmosphere, 30% water, billions of population, participating democracy, law level 4, Tech level 10


Grudge have the following traits:

  • Hard Hide [Stunt]
  • Oversized [Stunt]
  • Cynical [Stunt]: +1 to resist being convinced/fast talked/lied to.
  1. Weak to psychological trauma
  2. Suspicious: -1 penalty to active social rolls.


A long suffering and noble breed the Grudge, or Hunash, have been exploited and manipulated through their normally placid nature by too many other species since they made first contact. Now deeply cynical their will and their slow strength is set upon expansionism and payback. Deeply cynical the Grudge are a world-weary species who find it hard to believe anything.

Cosmic Encounter Aliens: Gambler

Arising in an era of geological turmoil, the Gamblers trusted only their own audacity. The faint of heart soon perished but the most daring rose to even greater effronteries and now launch a contest for Cosmic stakes.




Fast Metabolism: +2 Initiative, double life support requirements.

Natural Weapon: Claws 1 damage, Natural Melee 0.

Weak Education: -2

Genetically Lucky: Gamblers may re-roll a roll once per game.

Social standing is replaced by Fortune.

Homeworld:Ti/Kar A755915-B Ga Hi Ht

Starport A, 11.2k km, thin atmosphere, 50% water, billions of population, corporate plutocracy, law level 5, tech level 11.


Gamblers have the following traits:

  • Heightened Alertness: Multiple eyes give Gamblers excellent situational awareness and a +1 bonus to Alertness.
  • Claws [Stunt]
  • Jaws [Stunt]
  • Tail [Stunt]
  • Lucky bastards – Gamblers start with one extra FATE point.
  1. Risk taker: -2 to resist adventure/high stakes/pushing their luck.
  2. No fine manipulation


Gamblers have a complex language due to their two-storey mouths, each of which can pronounce a different sound at the same time. Because of this most of their words are harmonies or clashes between two tones and very few words have more than one syllable. In their own language they are called the Shash/Shesh (the slash divides which is said by the upper and lower mouth). Theirs is a culture of risk-taking, gambling and luck and their world one of many upheavals. Over time, controversially it is claimed, they have evolved what is considered to be a mild fate-bending power of luck, and they certainly seem to have a higher degree of fortune than most.

Cosmic Encounter Aliens: Fodder

Always regarded as an inferior, scavenging race, the fodder have amassed a multitude of generally less-effective arms. With the astonishingly large cache of second-rate weapons the Fodder can afford to overwhelm their adversaries.





Feral: 1d6 Edu.

Small: Str 1d6, Endurance 1d6, Dexterity 3d6

Notable Characteristics: +2 Str, +2 Endurance, +2 Edu

Weak Dexterity: -2

Homeworld: Fok C 874CA0-9 Ga Hi In Amber

Starport C, 12.8k km, standard tainted atmosphere, 40% water, trillions of population, charismatic dictatorship, law level 0, tech level 9.


Fodder have the following traits:

  • Fur [Stunt] – Fodder gain +1 to resist cold and wet based damage/environmental issues.
  • Cheap & Nasty – Fodder can elect to get equipment that’s sub par, they gain +2 to do so, but it always has a negative aspect.
  1. Distaste – Fodder take a -1 penalty in any non-confrontational social checks such as trying to make a good impression.


The Fodder, whose real name is the Fodorr in an act of cosmic humour, are a particularly numerous race. They love to live in great concentrations, on top of one another in circumstances other races would find lacking in privacy and cleanliness – though they more than make up for it in terms of parasites. Fodder breed like rats and have a cultural tendency to be willing to die, in large numbers, to preserve gains for the next generation. Not suicidal, but tending to martyrdom. Their world is a teeming hive, filled with cheap, tower blocks, squalid arcologies and with the planet’s crust teeming with tunnels in which they live.

Cosmic Encounter Aliens: Filch

With their genteel, sophisticated tribes the Filches have refined the art of acquisition to a high aesthetic. The most judicious and subtle thefts are memorialised in legend and song. Lately they have taken to eyeing the depths of space and thoughtfully rippling their tentacles.




Notable Dexterity: +2

Weak Endurance: -2

Multiple Actions: Filch have access to a second, non-combat, ‘hand’ only action each turn.

Fame replaces social standing.

Homeworld: Siirt A385933-E Hi, Ht,

Starport A, Size 4.8k km, Dense atmosphere, 50% water, Population in the billions, self-perpetuating oligarchy, law level 3, Tech level 14.


Filch have the following traits:

  • Tentacles [Stunt]
  1. Minor weakness to physical (melee) attacks.


The Siirtan, or Filch, are a strange species, somewhat like the Terran octopus or squid but much more beautiful and even bird-like in their appearance and their grace. Another bird-like quality is a fondness for shiny things and the establishment of social prestige upon wealth, particularly wealth gained through guile and theft. Something that makes them enormously unwelcome on other worlds that have had contact with them before.

Cosmic Encounter Aliens: Fido

Trained for generations by a strict but unknown alien race, the Fidos were bred for retrieval. Slinking out on their own they cannot help but fetch the debris of outer space for whomever happens by, knowing they will be rewarded in some way.


Fast Metabolism
Feral 1d6 Education
Natural Weapon Claws/Bite 1 damage, Melee (natural weapons) 0.
Notable Statistic, Dexterity +2
Weak Statistic, Intelligence -2
Natural Talent for technology, +1 bonus to all tech/engineering skills.
Pack Rank replaces social standing.

Homeworld: Ihr (Home): C 876830-9 Ga

Starport C, 12.8k km, standard, tainted atmosphere, 60% water, hundreds of millions population, self-perpetuating oligarchy, law level 0, tech level 9.


Fido have the following traits:

  • Enhanced Hearing [Stunt]
  • Enhanced Smell [Stunt]
  • Fast [Stunt]
  • Jump [Stunt]
  • Jaws [Stunt]
  • Supermind [Engineering]
  1. Major weakness to Sonic Attacks
  2. Weakness to Psionic/Social control
  3. No fine manipulation


The Fido are an uplifted domestic species, somewhat similar to a Terran dog, though much bigger and more lizard/parrot like. They are now an independent species in their own right, though they still have a strong undercurrent of loyalty and submission built into their nature. The Fido are fascinated with technology, earning them the nickname ‘Junkyard dogs’. They collect, dismantle and reconstruct alien and ancient technology without truly understanding it and all their worlds and colonies are massive interstellar junkyards. They have no standardised equipment, no standardised ships, they turn whatever is to hand to whatever they want.

Cosmic Encounter Aliens: Dictator

Grotesque creatures rejected by an old and cultured world, the dictators pushed and clawed their way to planetary dominion. Relentless in their demands they turn friend against friend to do their bidding. Recently they have begun to tire of toying with the weak races at home and seek to control the entire universe.



Armoured 1
Flyer – Slow moving drift/hover.
Notable Intelligence & Education +2
Weak Strength & Endurance -2
Power replaces social standing.

Homeworld: Coltara Demesne: B 793969-10 N Hi In R
Starport B, 11.2k km, dense, tainted atmosphere, 30% water, population in the billions, captive government, law level 9, tech level 10.


Dictators have the following traits:

  • Flight (Hover) [Skill]
  • Outer Shell [Stunt]
  • Mind Control [Skill]
  • Dominate Mind [Stunt]
  • Mental Shield [Stunt]
  1. Weak to electrical attacks
  2. Weak to all germs/biological agents
  3. Weak


An ancient, geriatric and inbred race the Dictators ‘Saahim’ in their own language, which means ‘Masters’, are an offshoot of a long departed elder race, the ‘bad part’ that they left behind. Cruel, vindictive, genetically megalomaniacal and sadistic, they are riddled with deformities and congenital problems due to their tiny gene pool, kept alive only through cybernetic implants and hatred of anything ‘other’. Powerfully psychic they dominate and control their thralls through fear, intimidation, technology and direct psychic control.

Cosmic Encounter Aliens: Cudgel

The customary greeting amongst Cudgels is a hearty handshake and a solid blow to the head. This long-held tradition – often fatal – is frequently misunderstood by other races, much to the amusement of the Cudgels. Now, having flattened all their closest friends, the gregarious Cudgel look skyward, leaving the debris of their broken planet behind. With fists raised in friendship, they seek out new beings to meet, greet and smash and will not stop until the cosmos itself is shattered.


Armoured: 1
Large: Strength 3d6, Endurance 4d6
Natural Weapon: Horns 1 damage, Melee Natural Weapons 0.
Notable Strength & Endurance +2
Weak Education and Intelligence -2
Brutality replaces social standing

Homeworld: Chod: B0119A0-9 N Hi Ic In Na R

Starport B, Asteroids (multiple), trace atmosphere, hydrographics 10%, population in the billions, charismatic dictatorship, law level 0, tech level 9.


Cudgel have the following traits:

  • Hard Hide [Stunt]
  • Protection [Stunt]
  • Horns [Stunt] (See claws)
  • Oversized [Stunt]
  1. Weak Vs Psi Attacks
  2. Fractious (-2 to Rapport and Empathy rolls).
  3. No Fine Manipulation


The Cudgel, known as Huhn (Hoon) amongst themselves, are massive, brutish, simplistic souls who are prone to a sort of amiable rough housing that many find fatal. Cudgel believing in testing everything to destruction and only that which survives their attentions is worthy. Even their home planet wasn’t worthy, burst asunder into an asteroid field by their own careless weapon testing. Now they quest out into the void seeking new worlds which are worthy enough to be a home to their species.

If you survive the greeting, the Cudgel can be your staunchest allies and greatest friends.