Zelart Scholarship Seeks More Entries! Win $500!

The Zelart Scholarship fully funded, but we have still had very few entries. While you would think artists would be clamouring to get a $500 award, especially in times like this, social media algorithms and over-sensitive spam detection make it hard to get this in front of anyone. Sharing this post would, in that context, be greatly appreciated, putting it in front of more artist’s eyes.

Here’s the short-short version:

This is a scholarship fund, intended primarily for college and university students with an interest in genre art.

It is also open to any artists who are in reduced circumstances (long-term unemployment, homelessness, disability etc).

To enter all you need is a piece of print-quality art, to which the rights are available and which you have created.

You send that to me, explain your circumstances and if you win you get $500 and the art you submitted goes on sale as stock art within the RPG community to help support next year’s scholarship.

For more details contact grim@post-mort.com

#RPG – Open Art Call – Gorean Adventures – The Tarn’s Eye

Another adventure for Tales of Gor is ready to come out. This is a game and a series of adventures set in the adult science-fantasy world of the Counter Earth, written by John Norman.

The spec is for four pieces, A6, 300 dpi, black and white. Further details available on contact. Budgeting around 100-150 USD for all four. There is also a second job of similar spec in the near/immediate future for the right artist.

  • A familiarity with Gor, Greco-Roman style and drawing animals/creatures is helpful but not essential.
  • Familiarity and comfort with bdsm themes is necessary.
  • Comfort drawing the naked (or semi-naked) human form is essential.

Apply via email to grim@post-mort.com, or via the usual social media or comments boxes.

#RPG Cartographer Needed

Having been let down several times now and with time a genuine pressure, I need to commission a map for the Gor RPG.

There are many existing online maps, such as this one, or this one.

The general terrain, locations and overall geography of the world is reasonably well established but contacting existing artists responsible for the better maps has not yielded any results and three separate people commissioned to do the work have had to pull out or have not undertaken the work or made any progress.

As such I need to try again as the final artwork is coming in, to get a map ready for the final publication.

Ideally I should like to have a map that recreates the tiled-floor of Samos of Port Kar (either in squares or a more RPG traditional hex-grid, with major settlements picked out by gemstones set into the tiles. This would be done with a Roman/Greek style to the iconography/map legend, making it somewhat colour/abstract based (ideally it will work in colour OR black and white).

Alternatively time/money requiring, a standard B&W map along normal fantasy map lines will suffice.

Please contact at grim AT postmort DOT demon DOT co DOT uk marked [Gor Map] and include a link to previous work and your rates for:


A4 B&W hex/grid map.
A4 B&W standard map.
A4 colour hex/grid map.
A4 colour standard map.


Open Art Call: Children’s Adventure Project

1097353376Do you like The Goonies? Explorers? Monster Squad?

What about Eerie Indiana? Gravity Falls? Camp Lakebottom?

Basically, what we’re working on here is a child-friendly ‘Over the Edge’.

We need art.

With the book based around A5 in size we’re looking for:

  • Full page colour cover
  • 2 half page B&W
  • 7 1/4 page B&W

Budget starts at $400 but show us your art and make an offer even if it’s for more.

A semi-cartoonish style is preferred, but we’ll look at other styles if you can make a case for them.

Deadline is ASAP so if you’re free to start immediately, that would also be a bonus.

This work is for Chronicle City, not Postmortem.

Contact via email to grim@postmort.demon.co.uk or on Twitter @grimachu