[Postmortem Studios] November Round Up



It’s been an extremely busy month here at Postmortem Studios, two conventions in one month will take it out of the best of us and Indiecon and Dragonmeet were no exceptions. Both events were bedevilled by problems beyond anyone’s control. Indiecon was located next to some of the hardest hit areas in the heaviest rain and worst flooding seen in many years in the UK but somehow survived – though we all got very wet and the third day of the con was held in Oz. Dragonmeet was similarly assaulted by weather issues as well as the vagueries of trainline maintenance and stoppages on the underground. Luckily I sold a boatload of stuff and didn’t have to carry so much all the way home. All things considered a great success and – yet again – money and time willing I do hope to make more conventions in the coming years.

Indiecon saw successful playtesting of the FATE powered Agents of SWING as well as some new adventures for Blood! and ’45 which should be appearing on RPGNOW in PDF form before too long.



Because I’ve been doing so much freelancing for other companies there hasn’t been a lot of activity with new products this month. However we do have a good selection of new Clipart Critters by the inestimable Brad McDevitt, including some new bundles so that you can pick up some very decent art on the cheap as props for your game table or for you to use in your own gaming publications. Don’t forget to check out the work of our other artists as well.



Over on our journal/website there’s an ongoing poll game, like a choose your own adventure game with multiple participants, this one based around a zombie apocalypse using the Blood! system and with you playing a British teenager caught up in the events as they unfold. Participate there and also keep an eye on news, events, sales information, reviews, publishing partnerships and so on.

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Or you can drop me some feedback in the comments on the website, or by good old fashioned e-mail to grim@postmort.demon.co.uk



There will be a secret sale one day this month for 24 hours… keep your eyes peeled on the website and on Twitter for more information!



I have leftover product from the convention sales and I do, really, need to clear the decks ready for the new year so these are being offered for mail order direct from me. Contact me via e-mail, listing the products that you’re interested in and we’ll arrange payment (preferably Paypal) and delivery. Available products include:

Hentacle £8.00 / $12.00
Hentacle: Sloppy Seconds £3.00 /$4.50
Hentacle: Three’s an Orgy £3.00 /$4.50
All three together – £12.00 / $18.00

These are the last hardcopies of Hentacle that are likely to be sold, at least in this form. Supplies of Three’s an Orgy are extremely limited. Please keep in mind that Hentacle and its supplements are STRICTLY for those over 18.

Cthentacle £15.00 / $23.00
Cthentacle: The Dunbitch Horror £5.00 / $7.50
Both together £18.00 / $27.00

Please keep in mind that Cthentacle and its supplements are STRICTLY for those over 18.

100 Dark Places, 100 Fantasy Adventure Seeds, 100 Planets, 100 Kingdoms, 100 Horror Adventure Seeds. ’45: Psychobilly Retropocalypse, Bloodsucker: The Angst – £12.00 / $18.00 each.
Buy three or more together and they’re £10.00 / $15.00 each.

Bloodsucker: The Juice, @ctiv8 – £8.00 /$12.00 each.
Buy Bloodsucker: The Angst and Bloodsucker: The Juice together for £18.00 /$25.00

Blood! – £15.00 / $23.00

I also have limited numbers of copies of Origins of the Specious, the comedy book I did for Mongoose Publishing and these are available for £15.00 / $23.00 as well.

Postage is £2.00 to the UK and $5.00 international.

Have a lovely holiday season and be good enough to spread some of that festive cheer (and money!) in my direction,


Postmortem Studios

Preview from the next TobyArt

A click should take you to the big version.
You can purchase the earlier set HERE.


Today I have:

  • Started reading through STARBLAZER ADVENTURES (my preferred implementation of FATE) with an eye to simplifying things a little, slimming it down and using it as the rules for Agents of S.W.I.N.G. (The 60s – 70s mash-up action game).
  • Uploaded more Clipart Critters which will be coming out over the rest of the month. If you want  to get some very good, and very chea, art to support your games or for your gaming projects, be sure and check it out HERE.
  • Half finished writing up the zombie apocalypse demo scenario for Blood! which I wrote for Indiecon last year.
  • Proofread the next installment in The Life of Angst, Chav: The Knifing, and commissioned the art.

Praise for TobyArt

“Most clip art products aren’t even worth the time to look at, much less the money to buy, and at 15 dollars, War Priests seems like an expensive purchase. However, the art within is spectacular, nothing that would look out of place in any professionally published product. The art has character and poise, and grabs the reader instantly. At 10 pieces of art, each picture itself costs only 1.50, making it a steal compared to the average Postmortem clip art product. If you’re an independent publisher, or just a guy like me who likes to spruce up the products he puts online, this item is definitely worth your consideration. I look forward to seeing more of Toby’s fine work.”
– by Daniel Dover

Obviously I think all our art is a steal considering how little it costs! Still, you can buy TobyArt…

Clipart Critters


A series of 300dpi .tif images for you to use in your personal or professional projects, subject to the licence. All works by Bradley K McDevitt.

Purchase Postmortem Studios products at…